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Other signs that the recovery has slowed to a crawl are mounting.
Babies must crawl before they walk, parents and pediatricians agree.
Caterpillars that live in treetops typically crawl or jump or rappel down silk threads to the ground, where they spin cocoons.
We have screened bottom boards, so that the mites hopefully fall through to the ground and don't crawl back into the hives.
It offers a three-encounter dungeon crawl session for every level of play.
When he gets wrapped up in talking, he forgets about driving and tends to slow to a traffic-jamming crawl.
Hapless householders crawl out to hide in the bush, often without time to put on their shoes.
On their own, bedbugs crawl about a meter a minute, he says.
It eventually seemed to get going again but the past few weeks have seemed to crawl by.
The bees eat it, crawl over it, and get thoroughly coated in this slick stuff so that the mites have no toehold.
Slows to a crawl with highly detailed source photos.
If they do not, they should be quiet and crawl back into their paneled caves.
She would crawl to the outhouse, grasping the string in one hand.
These nocturnal animals hide in coral reef cavities during the day and crawl out after dark to forage for food.
When they're done, they return to shore, crawl into a shell left behind by a neighbor and make their way back home.
When bicycles built for two race in a match sprint, they start at a crawl.
First of all, the pace of innovation in pharmaceuticals has slowed to a crawl.
They usually get around using their arms to crawl along the ocean bottom.
It is the light in this beam that is slowed to a crawl.
But the state's once-vibrant economy has slowed to a crawl.
Imagine origami that can fold itself into the shape of a fish or a slug-and then swim or crawl around under its own power.
Please crawl out of your hole now and then to look around.
They immediately crawl into their mothers' pouches where they continue to develop after birth-usually for a couple of months.
Many dirt roads are smoother, and this asphalt can slow a cyclist to a crawl.
And when you open them up they create a bowl someone can crawl inside, and they paddle with them.
Fences pose a huge problem for the antelope-they will crawl under, but few will leap them.
The slowest fliers may be selected because they mostly walk or crawl and are thus not easily spotted by birds.
They use a muscle called a sticky foot to crawl along the seafloor.
The page is full of high-res photos and may bring your computer to a crawl as it loads.
Nudibranchs crawl through the world's oceans, from frigid seas to warm tropical waters.
You'll feel your skin crawl as tiny agents drag the subcutaneous ink into new shapes.
As search engines crawl the web, they cache fresh versions of pages as they go.
Some species gather by the thousands to form multicellular bodies that can crawl.
It's doubtful whether they will ever be in position to crawl towards point two.
As they sat their patient up to take a spinal fluid sample, her heart rate slowed to a deadly crawl.
Which means wearers can crawl and scamper around, uninhibited.
You'll only increase your stress level trying to open them as they crawl in.
Going upstream from there, you stoop and crawl toward a waterfall.
They crawl the web and get information and bring it into their systems.
Everyone knows that babies crawl before they walk and that tricycles come before two-wheelers.
After six months, joeys are strong enough to crawl out of their mothers' pouches.
The descriptions of the oozing pox or pustules and other symptoms of smallpox made my skin crawl.
Check out the attic or crawl space between your roof and your ceiling.
Cranes and bulldozers crawl over a cleared space large enough to fit two shopping malls.
It may even have been able to live in the shallows or crawl in the mud when escaping predators.
Moreover, he is immobile-he can't crawl or scoot around or hold himself up or even sit in a chair without being strapped in it.
If nothing else, they're so cheery they make my skin crawl.
Forego the gracious pressure of a hand, for which others cringe and crawl.
To get into it he has to crawl over the footboard, and he must come out the same way.
The little pink sloth-thing became shy and left me, to crawl back to its natural life once more among the tree-branches.
It will be easy for me to crawl down over the shed and come to you.
From the difficulty which these animals have in carrying their heads, they cannot crawl with ease when placed on the ground.
The cats mould themselves to the ground as they crouch or crawl.
It took me a long, long time to crawl out of that hole.
They'd crawl onto the wrap, and go for tiny drops of cherry syrup on the plastic.
But during this century, and especially since the war, the evolutionary process has slowed to a crawl.
Then they could crawl off and detonate themselves, or detonate the mines so that soldiers don't get killed by them.
They want to crawl up to it unobserved, and wave the flag only when there is a victory to announce.
He kept an eye on the five when they moved off in a bunch, causing an oncoming car to slow to a crawl as they crossed the street.
She makes time crawl, and in doing so she arouses simultaneous feelings of boredom and awe.
There will be a door in the model to permit an operator to crawl inside.
Honeybees crawl to new combs and warm themselves in the hive at the heat of last summer's sun.
But the main problem seems to be demand for goods and energy, as lorries carrying coal crawl endlessly towards the city.
Search engines work by dispatching hordes of robotic spiders to crawl the web and index the keywords on every page they encounter.
Or they crawl into the ventilation shafts of the city heating system.
Customs officers crawl through dimly lit aircraft cavities, arrests, prosecutions and fines are made.
During the day it's great, but in the evenings, it slows to a crawl.
Rafting options range from a slow-drifting crawl to wet and wild rapids.
Humans simply don't get up and walk the moment they crawl out of the womb, unlike newborns of so many other species.
These little guys crawl rather than swim, and the amazing thing is they have no actin.
Known as a bear crawl, this form of locomotion is not unknown in children.
Particularly entertaining: the prairie dog town, which kids can crawl through.
Prentice takes you into brush so thick and tangled you have to crawl.
Insulate your water pipes to prevent energy loss, particularly where they run outdoors or through an unheated crawl space.
Eventually he learns that he has to crawl across the chamber to eliminate the tone completely.
The zooids crawl out of these holes to filter microscopic plankton out of the water with their wavy tentacles.
At rush-hour peaks, traffic would still slow to a crawl.
They get hot, and they crawl into the water and cool off.
At subzero temperatures, their chemical reactions slowed to a crawl.
He would have had them grow rigid wings on either side of their skeletons, crawl up a tree, and then jump off.
We watched one crawl straight into one loop, get stuck, and then keep trying to stick its head into a second loop.
For a start, cold temperatures can slow many chemical reactions to a crawl.
Once out of the body, those segments can crawl around on the ground on their own.
They preferred to crawl along the ground, a dangerous proposition for a small monkey.
No tent to crawl into for a nap, that hasn't been found and set up yet.
Slap a steak on your head and it cuts off the air, forcing the larva to crawl up and into the steak, thereby exiting the scalp.
Didn't take long for the same old trolls to crawl out with the same old garbage.
At night, the forests crawl with sinuous shapes that glow with an eerie greenish-blue colour.
She's told me some stories that would make your skin crawl about the way these giant companies treat their customers.
It's worth it to be able to get out of the car and not crawl to the house.
Their metabolism slows to a crawl and their body temperatures drop.
There are little mites in your eyelash and they can pop out and crawl over your face.
Risking their lives, they crawl out on the thin ice.
It's not every day you recommend a book that made your skin crawl.
Filling cracks in walls where bugs may crawl in from other rooms or buildings is another recommendation.
Adequate ventilation is one of the best ways to minimize potential wood decay in the crawl space.
Additionally, you ask if a crawl space under a house or building would be considered a confined space.
Tape should then be placed over the zipper, so that bedbugs cannot crawl through.
They do not work as well in excessively hot or cold attics and crawl spaces.
On warm winter days they may come out and crawl around.
Now that she can pull herself around on her belly or crawl, she wants to get into everything.
Vegetation should be kept away from the fence since the snake could crawl to the top of an adjacent tree or shrub.
The crawl space must be clear of all debris and properly vented.

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