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The intensity of the craving remodels those pleasure circuits, causing desire to outpace pleasure.
Other side effects will include unnatural strength, a peculiar garlic allergy, and a strong craving for only liquid nourishment.
The new research tells us that our vulnerability to a craving for chocolate is at opposite ends of the spectrum.
No wonder audiences emerge from his welling operas bushed and craving a smoke.
Their reception reflects a rarely satisfied national craving for sporting success.
Logging time in any port may cause a serious craving for seafood.
Scientists have identified a gene that plays a crucial role in controlling heroin craving and relapse behavior in rodents.
Dolloped with an equally simple fruit topping, it completely satisfies my craving.
But mankind's craving for puzzles goes far deeper than the ego.
It is always craving new and more tasty morsels-which may not be the best, or truest, things for anyone's digestion.
Poles' craving for unity and competence is understandable.
It nuzzles our headlamps oddly, as if craving light, then reaches for our offering of apples and water.
If you crave sugar, only sugar will satisfy the craving.
Satisfying your craving for chocolate is easy, no matter where you are in the world.
Now new studies in rats show that it also blocks a craving for alcohol.
And what better way to fill that craving than with a protein-rich square of salty, pink pork.
Scholars have been craving better access to the digital collection collection.
Moreover, he has the habit of craving entry to every club and cabal he can find.
It's perfect for those who are craving for a good, exciting read.
Several new remedies, however, promise to make this daily choice easier by lessening an addict's actual craving for alcohol.
Some victims also experience a sudden craving for human flesh.
But a few hours drive will bring you to a big city with whatever you are craving.
If the underlying sources of the craving are not addressed, it will continue.
If you're craving a little straight-up action in a handsome package, give the game a look.
To those voters who are hooked on public works, the letdown may only stoke a craving for even more.
Such craving for a better life in tune with nature is not impossible.
The hotheaded leaders and followers have been craving for their respective shares.
They are mostly deeply isolated and craving the notoriety that the act will bring upon them.
The craving for cheap wines may be surging, but merely cheap is no bargain.
They're expensive, but have a lot of fiber and really curb that carb craving.
Summer may be over according to the calendar, but a craving for something cold and sweet never disappears entirely.
Taking away all these will precipitate both withdrawal and craving.
Normally, the images would spark an irresistible craving for the drug.
Smokeless tobacco, the kind users put between cheek and gum, is one way to satisfy a craving for nicotine without offensive smoke.
She would think of nothing but how to satisfy that singular craving of hers to be doing something.
We can even apply him, be aware of him as a part of our literary inheritance craving further expression.
In this season dozens of bears may gather to feast on the fish, craving fats that will sustain them through the long winter ahead.
Craving power but not yet possessing it, these hopefuls are not constrained by responsibility.
It also helped ease the craving for something homemade for people with increasingly busy lives.
Nowadays it takes more and more genius, or more and more geniuses, to satisfy our craving.
The craving, she told me, had been with her for years.
She could eat a plate of ribs and two hours later be craving pork rinds or red-velvet cake.
There is an end to suffering by eliminating craving.
Last week he still had no logical explanation of his craving for art.
She often spoke of her lifelong craving for affection and her need to give it.
But here, he explores the basis of craving, addiction and satisfaction.
Tension and craving build up during periods of withdrawal, sometimes to a nearly intolerable point.
Affected children have an intense craving for food and will do almost anything to get it.

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