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Consumers crave two things: familiarity and novelty.
If you eat rice cakes all day you will not be happy, especially if it's not rice cakes that you crave.
It also lends a strong explanation to why people crave respect and want to be around those that have it already.
The terrain you crave may be rugged, but your body layer can still be feminine.
First, learn the difference between nutritious food and the foods you crave.
We have to put things through our minds to make sense of them, and our minds crave pattern and order.
Because you tend to crave new things and excitement, you may put yourself in risky situations.
Those who crave attention or formal recognition should consider another line of work.
After the wrenching economic crisis of the past year, people crave stability and predictability-in short, normalcy.
Do eliminate odors with a box of baking soda or if you crave a scent, make some home-made potpourri.
Plus, we're evolutionarily programmed to crave the stuff.
They start out by reviewing why humans crave sweet and fatty foods.
If you crave luxury and fine-tuning, you might have once thought that desktop speakers weren't for you.
If you crave a suntan without exposure to the sun, you can use a self-tanning product that gives the skin a golden glow.
There are people who seem content with their salaries, who crave no special deals and believe the system is pretty reliable.
Most highly gifted children crave stimulation more than anything.
Some firefighters so crave the thrill of the job that they dread retirement.
There are lots of other places you could find the kind of intellectual stimulation you crave.
If you really crave computing power, limited memory is offset by free online storage services.
But if sports fans are thrilled by uncertainty, those who run sporting businesses crave precisely the opposite.
Giant pandas possess the charisma that politicians and movie stars dream of-and people crave a glimpse.
It is good to crave out your own little culture and share with your new neighbours.
Employees crave a sense of purpose, and the boss who can supply it will get the best out of them.
Austrians are good at qualitative forecasts, but lack the specificity that people crave.
People often crave for democracy without being prepared for it.
Montague's data confirmed the obvious: our brains crave reward.
Appreciation is something offensive linemen secretly crave but rarely receive.
Candidates crave some measure of control over the job search.
In fact our brains naturally crave such stimuli and the sort of high that ensues.
Effective communication isn't the only soft skill employers crave.
Entertainment, in whatever form, is the real red meat that gamers crave.
But it turns out that not all celebrities crave that kind of familiarity.
While many of us crave huge amounts of recognition, the lure is not merely fame or a place in history.
All are quirky oddballs who crave inclusion in worlds not made for them.
Although the crave for a fresh regime is palpable, a few grand and unalienable touchstones should be endorsed.
Investors will always crave higher returns and more certainty.
Rich entrepreneurs crave for even more wealth than their remote neighbours down the social ladder.
Americans, for all their cynical anti-intellectualism, crave the authority of experts.
He not only did not crave food, he felt a positive revulsion to it.
For some, anticipating a cigarette or a line of cocaine makes them crave the stuff.
But if it's beef you crave, you should have bought the ranchette.
Those certainly are endearing features, and for consumers who crave versatility, they trump the tablet's annoyances.
Sometimes when your life is externally chaotic, the peace you crave has to come from within.
Morning sickness and dry heaves made her too nauseated to crave cigarettes.
If for some reason you crave a dark room, a fully charged keyboard can work in total darkness for three months.
People crave a little warmth in their lives right now.
People crave simplicity: they want a single bill, a single provider, a single integrated solution.
The craze is being driven by investors who crave the steady cash flow of decades' worth of tolls.
Some readers may crave more overt connections between the stories.
It's the favorite place for people who crave something different and better.
When some parents crave their favorite drug, they'll even use their own kids to get it.
If you find that you always crave a cigarette during your mid-morning coffee break, try changing your pattern.
If the nicotine content in their blood drops below a certain level, they begin to crave for a cigarette.
Scientists and engineers working to push beyond the limits of today's advanced technology crave stability.
In springtime the human body seems to crave green food.

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