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With a great bound he went far away from where the monster crashed down.
The next instant the bully crashed against the wall and measured his length on the floor.
Except for the fact that five years ago his chances would have been vastly improved because the global market hadn't crashed.
In fact, the root cause why this population crashed is that there's poverty.
The helicopter hovered above the surface for a moment, then crashed into the water and began to sink.
No one, miraculously, appears to have crashed into anyone else.
The whole project crashed soon after it began amid allegations of wrongdoing and corruption.
Officials were slow to explain how one train crashed into the rear of the other.
Over the past year, however, the economies of many developing countries have crashed.
Customers were so enthusiastic that the system promptly crashed.
The currency crashed, thus boosting exports and cutting imports, and now the economy is growing and unemployment is falling.
He was determined to marry her, she would have none of it, and their incendiary relationship crashed and burned.
We have come almost to a standstill this week because our server crashed.
The weekend before last, this gargantuan video game of a movie crashed through the two-billion-dollar barrier, worldwide.
People had found it, and after that, so many people tried to look at the site that the whole thing crashed.
The waves were two-foot-high breakers that crashed and thumped.
Because his body was never broken, his vehicle was not badly crashed.
He came at me, crashed over a chair that was already broken, then threw the pieces.
The holes appeared when space rocks crashed into the planet.
The others developed problems or crashed into the planet.
Impactors are spacecraft intentionally crashed into an asteroid at high speed.
Slabs of glacier peeled off and crashed into the sour pea green water.
Stocks crashed as a result of overfishing and widespread poaching.
Once, a drug smugglers' plane stuffed with bales of weed and wads of cash crashed in the high country.
One of its missiles crashed into a large weather satellite.
And if your kids haven't crashed, toast marshmallows together under the stars.
Time away from the source of stressors helps regather crashed emotional resources, such as a sense of mastery and social support.
It could have happened somewhere else and was delivered here via an extraterrestrial object that crashed onto our world.
Furthermore, this design could result in more injuries if crashed into.
There is no question that a lot of multi-employer plans have seen a growth in unfunded liabilities since the stock market crashed.
They are probably fragments of rocky asteroids that crashed into each other.
When the tech bubble crashed, applications went right back up again.
When quarks crashed into one another now, they stuck together.
They flew into the spruces, crashed really, so no dove breakfast for the hawk.
If he was right and the housing market crashed, these firms in the middle of the market were sure to lose a lot of money.
The bomb crashed into the house with impressive precision, but did not explode.
Witnesses state that the vehicle crashed through a fence and into a restricted vacant lot prior to the crash.
But its propeller belts broke, the pilot lost control, and the airship crashed.

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