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Example sentences for cranky

And for some folks, any kind of dressing up makes them downright cranky.
Don't let a few of us cranky professors determine your future.
Food scares were once a cranky obsession of the green-minded fringes.
The angry-looking deep sea anglerfish has a right to be cranky.
But they're almost always grown as annuals, because they get fussy and cranky when faced with winter's chill.
People there always seemed to be cranky and they never tipped.
The bill is designed to be less onerous for the smallest food producers, but parts of the industry are decidedly cranky.
Small and furry, the carnivores are known for their unearthly howl and cranky temperament.
It's amusing to hear them make noises about how their cranky new widgets will soon allow them to model their quest.
Wasting scarce seed money on such nonsense is what gets me cranky.
Lately he asks to buy things during every shopping trip, which makes me one cranky mama.
Certainly our gallery visitors don't want to get into a deep philosophical discussion with a cranky curmudgeon.
Otherwise, the semester will eat you whole and you'll become either sick or really, really cranky.
Unless there is a sudden change in government policy-or those statistics are shown to be cranky-action now seems likely.
Meanwhile, consumers are cranky, the trade gap is gaping.
Most college graduates are vegetarians and will become cranky or upset if offered meat.
It's mid-afternoon you're tired, cranky, and a little stressed.
There are a few individuals making cranky software which is severely limited by its lack of breadth.
Cranky flightless birds and their green porcine enemies are on every screen these days.
Sure, some kids will come home cranky and tired, as parents complain.
Maybe they're tired and cranky from counting all their money.
We hear about the autocratic behavior of cranky octogenarians.
Their children may be cranky, restless, and get sick more often.
People who try to quit marijuana say they feel cranky, have trouble sleeping, and feel anxious.
Rather than getting cranky from thinking that you are losing vacation time, try to find ways to enjoy the time you spend driving.
Some people may have headaches and feel cranky and tired.
If you are not rested, you may become cranky, impatient or short-tempered.
Some are friendly, some are cranky, some are more independent than others and some are smarter.

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Men are all right for friends, but as soon as you marry them they turn into cranky old fathers, even the wi... more
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