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And outside of the forms with good cranial representation, the rest are usually not incorporated.
However, the post-cranial of the new fossil is not known.
He would have met slope-browed, linguistically primitive people with a cranial capacity about two thirds of our own.
It might even have sparked the evolution of the cranial contents.
Now you can jack in and play it no cranial implants required.
Cranial growth past maturity has been linked with use of human growth hormone.
Most interesting, the cranial capacity of these hominids is minuscule.
While it circulates, the fluid also travels around the cranial nerves, including the optic nerves.
The cranial nerves, which control the muscles of the face and head, were working properly.
The back of the cranial vault was down around the coals, and the flames licked up and browned the side and blackened the back.
These early skull-cups were the forerunners of a long tradition of cranial crockery that continues to this day.
Sniffing is controlled in part by cranial nerves in the soft palate, the tissue lining the back of the roof of the mouth.
Studying numerous cranial traits, the team took detailed measurements in order to compare the remains with those from other sites.
The parasympathetic division issues mostly from the cranial nerves with the second synapse at the target organs.
My worry is the dramatic increase in the number of cranial tumours that correspond to this increase.
Glossopharyngeal neuralgia is believed to be caused by irritation of the ninth cranial nerve, called the glossopharyngeal nerve.
Symptoms from posterior fossa tumors also occur when the tumor damages local structures, such as cranial nerves.
Cranial and intracranial disease: trauma, cerebrospinal fluid disturbances, degenerative disorders and epilepsy.
There is also a creepy display of skulls that shows how the elite once used cranial deformation as a show of wealth.
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