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They are craftspeople, whose crafts have become obsolete: smithing, making simple farm and household implements.
Indeed, as this market evolves, the physical world is going to be increasingly customized-built to your specs by craftspeople.
Talented craftspeople are turning food packaging into sophisticated and creative wares.
Even some of the large-scale commercial boot factories employ specialized craftspeople who complete certain steps by hand.
In the visitors center, tribal craftspeople create and sell beaded jewelry and wood carvings.
Craftspeople, innkeepers and restaurateurs all provide services that help tourists discover local features.
Furniture, earthenware, and even kitchen utensils are made by local craftspeople.
Shop direct at the source, visiting craftspeople in their studios.
Instead, you'll come to rely more on local farmers, producers and craftspeople to meet your needs.
Tourist revenue can help to restore historic districts, for instance, and support local craftspeople.
Several regional variations of dulcimers developed, a measure of the geographic seclusion of these early craftspeople.
Artists, artisans and craftspeople from all over the country flock to the show to exhibit and possibly sell their works.
Artisans and craftspeople exhibit and sell their wares.
The area is also popular for antiquing and is known for its craftspeople.
Some of the shops allow select craftspeople to display their products.
They might watch local craftspeople create ink paintings, ceramic sculpture, or other traditional crafts.
Snack on fresh produce while chatting with local artists and craftspeople.
Features include hot tubs, log furniture, fireplaces and one-of-a-kind artwork by local craftspeople.
A-Weaving a cane seat of the type used on many antique chairs is highly skilled work, still practiced by some craftspeople.
The glowing red midnight sun and the northern lights have fired the imaginations of artists and craftspeople for centuries.
In the stable yards, craftspeople demonstrate life on a plantation of yesteryear.
Craftspeople are increasingly flouting the decree that humbly following tradition is the noblest of practices.
Artists and craftspeople may bring samples of their work for review and discussion.
For the arts lovers, the area's craftspeople and artists have their treasures available at the many unusual gift shops.
The purpose of the program is to train craftspeople for a career, not simply to offer employment.
The metal pieces were cut and joined together according to his design by skilled metalworkers and craftspeople.
The studio guests are being joined by numerous interviews with shopkeepers, craftspeople, and people-on-the-street.
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