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Stylistically, he combines traditional craftsmanship and technique with elements of modern design.
Those are the true marks of craftsmanship in the design of a building.
We learn about craftsmanship and how great art is created, in any medium.
Both are accomplished technicians who developed their dances out of a secure base of craftsmanship.
Their craftsmanship is centuries old, yet their designs are unmistakably modern.
The work itself repays the tight focus of his attention with its finely wrought craftsmanship and its ferocious energy.
Singer brings his same dazzling craftsmanship and clinical precision to another story in which shrewd wickedness knows no bounds.
The craftsmanship is neither slovenly nor distinguished.
The natural look of the landscape conceals deft craftsmanship.
They see a slippery slope towards a vulgar, market-driven industry, sacrificing centuries of craftsmanship.
Instead, there is more interest in craftsmanship and value for money.
First, critics and the viewing public began to place more emphasis on original ideas than craftsmanship as the century progressed.
It was short on intellect and did not involve craftsmanship.
The result was lower quality, shoddier craftsmanship, and more headaches for the owners.
They were well-made from quality materials with some attention paid to craftsmanship.
Supermechanical brings craftsmanship into the computer age.
It takes exceptional ingredients and expert craftsmanship to create, and costs more to acquire.
These are objects of sophistication and incredibly fine craftsmanship that could hardly be matched by today's silversmiths.
These early settlers valued silver as much for its intrinsic value as for the craftsmanship that stood behind it.
The grand buildings survived, though, as did the town's maritime craftsmanship.
The materials and craftsmanship of the pack seem sturdy while still relatively lightweight.
Great craftsmanship, good materials and cool styling.
Every detail speaks to the quality and craftsmanship that earned us our rep in bag design.
They're a sophisticated blend of craftsmanship and engineering.
It is quality craftsmanship and a simple understated styling as well.
The tour guide will show you unique details about each country's pavilion, showing off the design and craftsmanship.
The craftsmanship is impeccable, and there are two magnificent characterizations, in which there is a rich vein of wry comedy.
Today, in quieter corners of academe, scholars try to duplicate lost techniques of farming and manufacturing and craftsmanship.
For some students, the chosen field might be manual labor or craftsmanship.
The craftsmanship on this song is impeccable and impervious to improvement.
Many are hastily thrown together in a dish where convenience comes first and craftsmanship a distant second.
Reading about craftsmanship helps students understand the material and social life of hacking.
The solidity and the craftsmanship make the robots seem from another era.
The craftsmanship of today ranges from gifted to crude, from grotesque to subtle.
Ethical dilemmas large and small are piled atop one another with all the care and craftsmanship of a tower of mud-pies.
Of course craftsmanship matters, you have to have the tools to express yourself, but inspiration and subject matter too.
Sure they're obsolete but people still buy them and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into them.
The thing is, solid craftsmanship can be easily taught.
If the craftsmanship is good it's not worth canning them to go to someone else.
By observing the highest standards of craftsmanship.
And you'll also enjoy the beauty of fine furniture craftsmanship.
But you can't patent comfort or caring or craftsmanship or beautiful.
The standard of excellence in design, weight, and craftsmanship for over one hundred years.
The movie is heroic in the delicacy of its craftsmanship.
The proportions are satisfying, the materials solid, the craftsmanship is impeccable-which is why the buildings have survived.
His later work, which looks so casual, must be taken seriously as craftsmanship.
One thing he did not share with some others of the counterculture was a taste for sloppy and amateurish craftsmanship.
His etchings and watercolors too reveal a similarly refined craftsmanship.
Most traditional craftsmen set high standards for craftsmanship.
Carved standing headstones are significant for their artistry and craftsmanship.
Riverview's design, craftsmanship, and construction materials are of the highest order.
While poor craftsmanship was found to play a role in some of the quality problems studied, it was not the root cause.
Copyright does not protect the mechanical or utilitarian aspects of such works of craftsmanship.
All the wood was cut with hand tools and the craftsmanship is of exceptional quality.
The free cruise-in is a chance for car enthusiasts to meet, talk shop and admire the craftsmanship.
The unique products featured in this website represent some of the finest craftsmanship available today.

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