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There is a shortage of skilled engineers, skilled tradesman, skilled craftsman of all sorts.
Only a really skilled craftsman could have made such an object, my children were told.
The latest theory proposes that the craftsman should thank the sun's rays--or lack thereof.
Hot coals glowed in a dark interior, where a craftsman was bent over an anvil hammering silver.
The master craftsman knows his or her materials and utilizes many techniques to best serve the problem or project at hand.
Noticed one difference was the huge number of small craftsman-type businesses here.
They did whatever had to be done--on the farm, in the household, in the craftsman's shop.
But no craftsman or professional can be completely uninterested in seeing how he measures up against past standards of excellence.
From a craftsman's point of view, that book is an extraordinary achievement.
But every session is different, and every craftsman knows that there's a tool for every job.
Over the years, he has tended to view himself more as a craftsman than an entrepreneur.
Artisans and craftsman made it so it would be driven and appreciated.

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