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Students enrolled to learn the intellectual discipline and craft of the law, and that's exactly what they got.
Local outfitters can supply water craft from canoes to tanks.
The craft inside the cloud measured how water vapor and other cloud components were affected.
We need to re-instate a sort of apprenticeship model where people can learn any craft, trade, or work.
Remember, if writing is a craft it is also business.
Ginger had to make a shaky craft of her paycheck to bear me across the sea.
Instead, the craft remains in its original orbit, obstinately refusing to communicate with engineers on the ground.
Cut off the sides of the tray with a craft knife, leaving you with a flat, smooth surface.
The point where craft meets geek is a beautiful place.
Miller helps about a dozen students craft serious research projects each semester.
The craft takes off with the fan perfectly horizontal, blowing straight down.
Turn into a gecko when you make this easy mask craft.
The craft automatically went into safe hold mode, which shut off the engines.
No heat is generated, which makes it appropriate for this craft.
We wanted to turn an industrial object into a unique handmade craft.
Committees, or their secretaries, rarely craft a unique or helpful rejection letter.
But the pretence was maintained that the shuttle was a workaday craft.
Northwest has prided itself on a unique culture of craft brewing.
White plumes following the craft are reaction product gases dispersing aluminum oxide.
Saturdays, the market includes clothing, home decor and craft items.
The materials can be found in a craft store, a florist's shop, and your backyard.
Colleges trying to craft procedures for dealing with students with mental-health issues don't need to be on their own.
But the shuttle was not sold to the public as an experimental craft.
Combined images from both craft can show the same event from different angles.
Psychologists examine how name-dropping can backfire on those poor at the craft.
The craft he wants to practice doesn't require a college education.
Most writers who are dedicated to the craft would beg to disagree.
Trace the shape of a cookie cutter onto craft foam, then cut out the shape.
But this strange extra acceleration was seen subsequently with two other craft.
At that point, the craft will be effectively lost in space.
In this way a space craft could be made that is not mostly a fuel tank.
Scientists had hoped the craft might be able to maintain enough power to reawaken when sunlight returned in the spring.
The people who have done well out of the trend towards casual dining have been the craft potters.
Rescue beads from hair-beading or craft sets or use the beads from a broken necklace.
Curtains offer an abundance of fabric for craft projects once their usefulness as window coverings has ended.
The landing craft problems raise an important point.
At the moment, however, picking the antibody appropriate to a particular disease is still something of a craft.
He wants to craft a slimmer state, but also a nimbler and more responsive one.
Craft demonstrations and local musical entertainment also take place in the park.
Knowing how to read a novel, craft an essay, and derive the slope of a tangent isn't enough anymore.
The craft they deployed was a wing-shaped rod the size of a bacterium.
Get inspired by our weekend and day-trip itineraries to craft the perfect wine-country getaway.
All dig you deeper into the art and craft of horticulture.
Such a craft could move materials at a lower cost than airplanes and at higher speeds than ships, they believe.
For all the technology available to us, good writing remains the essence of our craft.
How evolution had managed to craft such a unique beast presented a mystery as vast as the creature itself.
Escher works enough without our needing to craft embellishments.
It was amazing to fly in such a highly powered craft.
The technique is a true cross-cultural craft evolution.
Any of these collections will offer you an appreciation for the styles and subjects of this regional craft.
We have renewed respect for small craft breweries and home brewers.
Hints of the proper craft, tricks of the tool's true play.
Ten museums are within easy reach and art, craft, and food fairs abound.
Talk with others about how they have handled it and craft an approach that works for you.
He managed several enterprises and worked full time at his craft without benefit of a college education.
Submersible craft in the early years of their development were perilous to friend and foe alike.
But smaller craft are completely engulfed by the plasma.
Now it appears someone's going to need to craft a new mnemonic.
The energy dispersed with the two crashing air craft would be added to the energy of natural fire.
Sink a craft to the bottom of that well and latch it in place.
The craft are to head away from each other by taking a left turn and the other a right turn.
If you can show me how this could propel a space craft, let me know.
What really impresses is the exquisite craft buttressing such rational progress.
But instead of taking out a newspaper ad, he put the craft in a used boat show.
They kept their craft aloft through an entire night on stored solar energy.
They used the information they gained to craft attacks that could take over and control systems on the car's internal network.
But with every new craft, there is an opportunity to put it all together and make something magnificent.
On board batteries would then only be required to get the craft off the ground and into the beam.
Craft consciousness is essential to the finished poem, but comes later.
Ball's not trying to craft that explanation himself, though.
Journalists shared with veteran screenwriters a tendency to think of their work more as a craft than as an art.
No small part of the view-camera photographer's art and craft goes into making that possible.
Dealers take non custom inventory and craft deals that make it attractive to their local buyers.
They can use socks, construction paper, or other craft materials.
Scrutiny of the craft's images later led to the identification of an eleventh inner moon.
The two craft went into lunar orbit, and the module detached for landing on the moon.
The orbiting telescope captured the lunar transit as the craft was taking pictures of the star in extreme ultraviolet light.
It describes a fourth possibility: electromagnetic interference from one or more of the ten military craft that were in the area.
These were no native dugouts, but long, sleek craft with powerful engines.
The thing their craft is going to is no longer a planet.
The laser-mapped animation is accurate to one-thirtieth of a second, but it's lawyers who craft the narrative.
He essentially mechanized the craft of woodblock printing, a painstaking, time-consuming process.
Two coastal patrol craft made a brief journey this summer-no match for any lurking foreign submarines.
Those toys, in turn, grew out of the craft of clockmaking.
To craft a campaign against corruption into a movement around a single figure is faintly troubling.
In addition, he wants the party to craft its own policy proposals, rather than waiting for orders from above.
To craft an effective vision statement, write a brief, memorable declaration.
Western nations who are able to manage their global connections and craft their economies around globalization will win.
Studying the effects of low gravity in space craft and space stations is expensive.
Traditional rudimentary forms became elegant and sophisticated, and the carvings reveal more attention to craft and detail.
Clearly it is an alien craft breaking up in our atmosphere after the alien used its ship to deflect a meteor heading our way.
It's trying to craft a definition to fit a set of data rather than crafting the definition and seeing what data fits it.
The surrounding alleys are crammed with craft shops and pubs.
He hates the word craft and laughs at the preciousness of declaring any role his best work.
If your means are more constrained, no matter: you can still gawp at the stunning craft on display.
In craft beer circles across the nation, this drama, elation and disappointment is not uncommon.
She is truly a master of her craft in the truest sense.

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