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It's cracked and uneven, making it semi-unsafe for anyone with mobility challenges.
If you want the squash to rot out and feed the birds, they need to be cracked.
There have been plenty of close calls since: people have had ribs broken, legs cracked and flesh gashed.
Rice paddies and sugar cane plantations have been replaced by a brown expanse of cracked mud.
Another earthquake cracked the bottom of a lakebed and drained the water away.
Salt oozed upward, splitting the rocks, and then water cracked them open further as it froze and thawed.
The cashier popped and cracked the small pink stash of gum in her mouth.
Next to the equipment two more boys jumped rope, their bare feet bouncing in rhythm on the cracked concrete.
Every potter praises his own pot and the more if it be cracked.
He cracked his whip in some trepidation, and forthwith they rushed at him.
Their hands as they stretched them out to the heat of the stoves were cracked and red.
There is scraping of squeaky fiddles in the dark rooms, and cracked old voices sing long-for-gotten songs.
The windows were blown in or cracked, and the timber of the seats were rotten.
Before repairing badly cracked plaster, remove any old plaster that is loose or seems to be bulging away from the lath behind it.
Don't confuse it with cracked wheat, which is another product made from raw wheat berries.
Side by side, two such girths would have split the wide screen long before the mirror cracked.
It makes sense that after some of these incredibly unethical experiments, universities cracked down with some oversight.
The painting's steel frame was severely bent, and part of the wood beneath the paint had cracked.
Not too long ago, there was an interesting thread about whether tenure is all that it's cracked up to be.
It turned out to be as good as it was cracked up to be.
The city has also served as the space in which these master images have cracked apart.
The oldest brick buildings-the campus's core, its signature architecture-had cracked and weakened.
He worried about western marriage because his own cracked up.
During their talk, they cracked an egg on someone's head.
My humanities discipline research-methods teaching self might have cracked the same joke, actually.
Critics say that it did not protect its servers sufficiently and used algorithms to encrypt data that can be easily cracked.
His carapace of invincibility has been dramatically cracked.
The police cracked down, shooting some demonstrators and arresting scores of dissidents and reformers.
Neither has cracked yet, but one must give way eventually.
Several hundred, including several senior politicians, have had their heads cracked by the police.
If the workers try to strike, heads will be cracked.
Because if something's got software in it, it's going to get cracked.
Even a message that is impregnably encoded by today's standards may be cracked in the future.
But no, he smiled and kept his cool and even cracked a string of self-deprecating gags about his bad press.
Last year cracked boiler pipes forced a long shutdown at two other sites.
Jokes will be out, unless cracked by the boss, in which case appreciative laughter will be compulsory.
The furnaces warped and cracked, causing gases to escape, and had to be stoked frequently.
Windows broke, walls cracked and landslides were triggered in the countryside, but so far no casualties have been reported.
The cracked plaster and faded paint on its high walls are covered with modern art of dubious quality.
But perhaps crying isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway.
The eggshell is cracked, and the influenza virus is injected into the fluid surrounding the embryo.
The palate and tongue cracked, and it was almost impossible to chew any food.
The doctor finally cracked and picked a date himself.
Now scientists may have cracked the genetic code behind the inherited ailments.
The next day, under the beating sun, the ice melts and trickles the cracked fragments away.
The study authors suggest that the ancient egg was somehow cracked open before it hatched.
Humans might not be as pioneering as we're cracked up to be.
We retreat for hours under a scalding sun, crossing in the process a vast, cauterized plain of cracked mud.
Cycling across the gigantic salt flat is easier but also slow due to the crusted and cracked surface.
The wisdom used to be that one should avoid only those raw eggs with cracked shells, which might allow pathogens in.
Once cracked, you now need to carefully extract the nuts from all those shells.
His officers stop motorists who drive with broken license-plate lights or cracked windshields, or commit other traffic violations.
Another is that the police picked up a guy out of his wheelchair and threw him to the ground, on which he cracked-open his head.
Ninety-eight percent of the volume's pages were creased, cracked, or torn in this vulnerable area.
Government soldiers cracked down, killing and imprisoning northerners with little cause.
The plaster may be cracked, the stairs unsteady, and obscene words scratched and scrawled on the walls.
Already, he's cracked two jokes that has the roundtable of candidates and moderators laughing.
Lewis stood his ground, only to be cracked on the head.
Looking on the bright side isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Regardless of the form it takes-cracked or whole pods, or ground-a little bit of cardamom goes a long way.
We didn't know it then, but she had cracked her kneecap.
Eggs are cracked fresh for every order, and there isn't room on the small griddle for more than a few.
On the ground at her feet is a cracked vase whose exterior is covered with spilled water, turned to ice.
We rolled small boulders down the incline of ferns until they cracked angrily against something at the base of the ravine.
They cracked several of my ribs and broke a couple of teeth.
They realized that once the door was cracked, there could be no closing it.
Inside the studio, a plastic jug of turpentine has cracked in the cold and flooded the floor under the sink.
Stories were told, jokes were cracked, and jovial good-fellowship prevailed.
The point is relatively new, and so's the cap, but the barrel-cracked and ever so slightly bent from use-is original equipment.
It has not, however, cracked the challenge of characterization.
He stared down at the gray, badly cracked flags of the kitchen floor, waiting for a response.
Critics are the cracked mirror in the grand ballroom of the creative spirit.
She had swallowed as many as she could, she said, stroking the cracked trunk of the poplar tree.
But they have not yet cracked the code of the digital revolution.
He was well-known for his super-enthusiastic demeanor, which always cracked me up.
Eventually, the pressure cracked the surface and the water escaped.
Three months later, the dirt cracked and a single shoot appeared.
It had to do with his cracked skull and his choice of doctors.
The neurologist then offers a gruesome picture of cracked lips and vomiting and seizures.
There are reports that the steel liner is cracked, also.
The team also tested the silks by slowly tugging on them until they cracked.
Messages sent in this way can never be cracked by an eavesdropper, no matter how powerful.
There are also reports now that containment vessels in two of the reactors have cracked, releasing radioactive steam.
One half of this problem may have already been cracked for him.
When layered directly on top of one another, the result is a cracked crystal and defective transistors.
Her beautifully made-up face rarely cracked a smile, and when it did, looked tight and strained.
Thinking about their tiny bleats of impotent rage, a smile began to play about my cracked lips.
The room exudes an air of familiar warmth with its rugged cracked leather chairs, low-lit chandeliers, and aged wooden walls.
Her voice cracked and she gasped a little to keep from crying.
Somewhere along the way, however, that partnership cracked into a million pieces.
He cracked my game open as if it were worthless, all glitter and no substance, self-absorbed flash and style.
Many people ask about the difference between bulgur and cracked wheat.
Tennis should have cracked down on this a long time ago.
Walls are cracked in both the bedroom and the bathroom.
Nobody wants to buy a carton of eggs only to find that some are cracked.
Third, the cracked windshield did not obstruct the driver's view.

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