crème brûlée in a sentence

Example sentences for crème brûlée

Menu highlights include crab cakes, risotto, stuffed pork loin and creme brulee.
The dessert menu offers tiramisu and creme brulee and berries.
Sweet potato pecan pie and creme brulee are some of the dishes on the decadent dessert menu.
Top the meal off with chocolate brioche bread pudding with streusel crumbs and maple creme brulee over ice cream.
The dessert options include lemon tart, caramelized apple cheesecake, pistachio parfait and creme brulee.
Desserts include creme brulee and chocolate lava cake, served with vanilla ice cream and chopped pistachios.
The sweets menu includes items such as creme brulee and cheesecake lollipops.
Desserts include a creme brulee, fruit parfait, and a frozen white chocolate mousse.
Shareable desserts include creme brulee and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.
Choose from desserts such as creme brulee, chocolate mousse and fruit salad.
Which must be why the celebrated custard goes by creme brulee.
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