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Coyote for the building of a roadrunner-meat processing plant.
On the edges of a sheep farm, a coyote lurks, licking his chops.
In a curious predator-prey role reversal, the pronghorn antelope pursued a coyote across a knoll.
Be on the lookout for elk and coyote trotting through.
Silva said that her group had no coyote with them but had received directions by text.
Unless it turns out the coyote was actually a suicide.
Biologists have controlled the coyote population, and the wolves are thriving.
Coyote running over the edge of a cliff, financial services kept on going.
Another neighbor sighted a coyote while walking her dog late one evening.
It was really exciting to see the coyote because it was right next to our car.
Meet a menagerie of remote-controlled zombie decoys including robotic deer, coyote.
Coyote tracks are oval in shape and the toenail marks tend to hook inwards.
Trouble occurs when a small dog does not submit to a coyote.
The coyote is a member of the same family to which foxes, dogs and wolves belong, the canids.
If you see a coyote near your home, don't ignore it.

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