cowboy hat in a sentence

Example sentences for cowboy hat

He wears a cowboy hat and talks with an accent that outsiders find nearly impenetrable.
Horner sits by the window wearing his signature cowboy hat, with a long red gummy worm hanging from his mouth.
Yellow cowboy hat: she's suspicious about your intentions because she feels self-conscious in such a low-cut shirt.
Time was, you couldn't be a country singer if you didn't have a cowboy hat.
There were white suits, white jeans that would usually get you made fun of and even a fierce looking furry white cowboy hat.
He's lean and tough and he wears a cowboy hat, and there are cattle horns on the roof of his truck.
He is wearing a leather fringed vest and a cowboy hat.
He's known for not infrequently wearing a cowboy hat and boots.
Pony-style riders receive a free souvenir cowboy hat.
Jake wore a cream-colored cowboy hat, jeans and a button down shirt.
One of the nicest things was an ice sculpture of a cowboy hat perched atop a pair of boots.
Harry is about to have a birthday, and he has told his father and all of his friends that he wants a cowboy hat.
The cowboy hat protected from the sun and rain and could also be used as a pail.
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