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Example sentences for cowardice

It should be remembered that brutality is not manliness, but cowardice.
Given that cohort, presidential cowardice doesn't have ruinous effects.
The neighborhood has been deeply affected by that horrific act of cowardice.
And so did large acts of cowardice and small acts of courage, often committed by unknown soldiers.
To the cowardice of the politicians in power and to the bravery of the participants involved.
It's either puffed up pride or academic cowardice that drives one side to try to say for certain that the other is wrong.
Curiously, this political cowardice has pushed negotiators in opposite directions.
The only ones who were right were those who opposed the war from the beginning for ideological reasons, not out of cowardice.
My observation is that bullies act from cowardice and insecurity, in all cases.
It's not an easy choice to make, and presenting it that way comes off as intellectual cowardice.
Your attempt to chide others into silence by representing your own callousness and cowardice as graciousness is appalling.
We live under a political system of cowardice and deceit, regardless of the party.
Such attempts to spread the blame as widely as possible represent a kind of cowardice.
Calling it an act of nature and hiding from it is cowardice.
After their only defeat of the season, there was even a suggestion of yellow, a hint of cowardice.
In his eyes, worrying about something as trivial as brakes was a sign of cowardice.
If you don't respond to my sources, your intellectual cowardice will be confirmed.
But, again, that's because the modern culture of risk averseness or more bluntly cowardice and lack of willingness to be bold.
In other people, crisis will inspire cowardice or venality.
Giving in to this absurdity, for her, would be an act of cowardice.
And it is not cowardice to debate your opponent and try to persuade the world to follow you by speaking your values.
About the selfishness and cowardice of the civilian population in the face of danger she is scathing.
It's either prioritization or cowardice, and more often the latter.
But, they are afraid to call them as such because of cowardice.
And for the same reasons: conformity, prudery, feminine cowardice.
He appears to have attributed to cowardice what was intended by them as judicious advice.
Apology, as he understood himself, was cant or cowardice.
Afflict me not by any base infidelity and cowardice.
And the cowardice of those who shrink from confronting such opportunistic lies.
It was a cowardly decision made by a cowardly jury, and they will have to live with that cowardice until the day they die.
Because there is simply no other way to look at this inaction by the governor than pure political cowardice.
Studies revealed it wasn't due to cowardice but an expectation that someone else would step in.
The students should also feel free to write down any quotation that might reveal a character's courage or cowardice.
In unanimity there is cowardice and uncritical thinking.
We have also a mute of hounds for a number, a litter of whelps, and a cowardice of curs.
Indeed, pilots were told that a desire for armor was a sign of cowardice.

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