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There are compelling arguments on both sides of the cow case.
It is not a cash cow despite what the spin-doctors say.
Scientists say they have generated clean, renewable electricity from the bacteria-rich fluids found inside cow stomachs.
Sometimes the loan can cover the purchase of a much-needed dairy cow.
To the extent that they can cow people into performing, these administrators can be moderately effective for a while.
The official inquiry into the government's handling of mad cow disease has finally reported.
The cow nurses her calf until it is about eight months old.
Ideas for treating the human form of mad cow disease begin to emerge.
The clock is always ticking on fresh produce, meat and anything from a cow.
Experiments are underway to produce a cloned cow that is absolutely free of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease.
The generators can be powered by biogas extracted from cow manure.
Even a cow has a water footprint, drinking four gallons of water to produce one gallon of milk.
But they could also flex farther down than a cow could have.
In his greed the cow sticks his head into the container to eat the herbs and gets it stuck.
You're not going to be eating cloned cow meat anytime soon.
Above all, the killings and detentions are failing to cow the protesters.
Researchers go around in circles on mad cow disease.
Okay, it's a hammer throw game, but the cow makes it.
If you are rich or funded purchase a large crystal bowl and a cow or cattle magnet.
For example, a cow with a name may be treated kinder than a cow with only a number.
Fears of mad cow disease will create a new blood shortage when restrictions go into effect next month.
Beneath the surface slabs of the largest megalithic structure was a sculptured rock resembling a standing cow.
Remember that milk used to sit outside all day after coming out of the cow.
Simple pasteurized cow milk, used as the basis for the two cheeses.
She is also offended by the neighbor who refers to her as cow kitty.
If you have leather seats, you may be sitting on the hide of a mad cow.
Meat from one infected cow is mixed with many other cows, so that one bad cow can cause hundreds of bad stomachs.
It takes the hide of one whole cow to make four leather basketballs.
Their respective crimes: stealing a goat, a cow and nine bicycles.
Mothers that feed the cooked, canned cow milk to their babies do miss out as this article illustrates.
It is difficult to imagine a domestic cow if not for food.
Each family had a cow, a few sheep, and a plot of potatoes.
If you live in town you may hardly ever see a cow, but you do see dairy industries.
What's more, it will run on methane gas produced from cow manure.
Scientists say they have produced clean, renewable energy from the contents of a cow's stomach.
The humble cow has now had its entire genome sequenced, a new study says.
Some are made from cow collagen and shark cartilage, and scientists are also working with silicone.
Not, however, before some companies had consigned their electronics businesses to the fate of the cash cow.
And if they somehow perish, the financial impact on a poor family is far less devastating than the loss of a cow or pig.
Politicians have duly proposed ways to rein in press groups with the power to cow those paid to watch over them.
The different tripes from the first three chambers of a cow's stomach are displayed in lush folds of white and grey.
The next sacred cow will surely be tenure, and exactly the same comments apply.
Do not talk about back-biting faculty, dullard students, or living in cow country.
Butter of commerce is made from cream of cow's milk.
She called the cow herder, who arrived banging the dinner pail.
Lots of people attribute milk chocolate's ubiquity to the proximity of a robust dairy-cow industry.
Any type of milk may be used, cow's milk, goat's milk.
He milks the tame cow, but has his hand in wild mackerel.
Marinated ribbons of cow stomach are fried in crust that sings harmony to the meat's tang.
The view from a car window reveals plantations of hairy eucalyptus trees and cow pastures rife with termite mounds.
In this test, the paper was dipped in an artificial urine solution that contained glucose and a protein extracted from cow blood.
It allowed them to stop using cow dung for their cooking fire.
The researchers started with yeast prions-harmless cousins of the proteins that cause mad-cow disease.
No chicken or cow remains skinny because of their genes.
They found that leatherbacks have a metabolism less than half that of a similar-sized mammal, such as a cow.
The machine is designed to mimic the calming effect of a cow's holding pen by giving her a mechanical hug.
Then the doctor replaces the aortic valve with one from a pig or a cow.
If you can toughen up with a cow audience, then you'll never be worried with a human audience.
The streets are packed with pedestrians, bicycle and auto rickshaws, and the occasional car or cow or emaciated pariah dog.
In his baggy shirts and summer shorts, with his heavy arms hanging wide, he looks as if he could wrestle down a cow.
But there's no question that the social game market, with its virtual currencies and unlimited stock of goods, is a huge cash cow.
Manufacturers find that the cash-cow has all but dried up.
She couldn't tell a cow from a bull, but she had no end of advice about farming.
If he doesn't add a cow, he thinks, then someone else is likely to do so.
Maybe it's high time someone had the temerity to call this sacred cow a nightmare.
He looks around for tire marks or footprints but he don't see nothing except old cow tracks.
My father maintained a magnificent vegetable garden with chickens and a cow, and he raised and trained hunting dogs.
Mosquitoes leave people alone in exchange for a liter of cow's blood per week.
Milk and butter and cheese from cows fill the dairy shelves in supermarkets, and the meat section is stacked with cuts of cow.
Both scrapie and mad cow disease are thought to be caused by brain-destroying proteins called prions.
There are some papers out on the genome of the domestic cow out right now.
But suddenly, the smell of broiling cow had me heading for the toilet.
Cow walks in when it decides it's ready to be milked.
He never got plain cow milk, and never, ever got wheat.
There are three basic stages that take a cow's hide from the cow to your sofa: tanning, dying and finishing.
In another gallery all but a snaking ribbon of picture window has been covered in cow dung.
Go convenience store, cow pastures and the dull, forever flatness of the prairie.

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