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Example sentences for coveted

The reason is that the right to trade on the exchanges is no longer hotly coveted.
Commodities such as fur and timber also earn coveted foreign currency.
But new research is extending our coveted smart phone time, by putting the phone almost to sleep.
Tequila is the region that boasts the designation of origin of the coveted drink by the same name.
Increasingly, the value crowd is turning to many of the same big-name technology stocks once coveted by the growth investors.
Because your students need work, even when it's not the coveted tenure-track job.
Without that coveted status, workers are condemned to temporary or part-time jobs.
Each year, hundreds of people across the country hunt one coveted waterfowl trophy.
We went from chattering excitedly to trying to barter with each other for coveted items.
For this reason, he believes the technology will be coveted by pharmaceutical companies.
Financiers are highly coveted candidates for university governing boards.
Curiously the lid became a coveted item and the octopus hid it from its keepers.
Even many of those all-important and highly coveted undecided voters aren't really undecided.
Financiers are coveted candidates for governing boards, offering valuable investment guidance for endowment funds.
Coveted as fertilizer, the dung must be reaped by hand.
Estonians have coveted intricate, hand-painted marzipan candy figures for more than five centuries.
But it wasn't easy to persuade staff members who coveted their on-campus spaces to relocate.
Rope is a coveted commodity in these rural mountain areas.
In fact, my cats will often perform to excess to obtain the coveted treats.
The company might also jeopardise its coveted triple-A credit rating.
At smaller events you may be privileged to shoot from nearly anywhere, including the coveted inner circle.
It confers legitimacy, in a world where legitimacy is amorphous and highly coveted.
Celebrities snag coveted interviews on major networks, and of course, they can always count on their fan-base for support.
Volunteers played the role of captives in return for guaranteed space in a future session of the coveted course.
Something less offensive, for example literally anything, would have played better with the coveted not-racist demographic.
About the choice of the head jury nothing cannot be said as one should get the coveted prize while not perturbing others.
Some reports carried the suggestion that some of his neighbours coveted his land.
Many of the qualities that make cities coveted as places to live also make them dream vacation destination fodder.
He didn't get the job, but he was offered a coveted space in the graduate program.
At times, he has provided the bone-crunching screens, the hustle plays and the rebounding the team coveted when it acquired him.

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