covertly in a sentence

Example sentences for covertly

Everyone would turn into a living zombie with an identification number covertly tagged.
It tells us nothing about what kinds of cause-effect functional relations are going on when a subject overtly or covertly behaves.
It is unconscionable to covertly reformat itself while continuing to hide behind scientific reporting.
Generally, a service provider or government will want to conduct its activities covertly.
Their faces were covertly compared with a database of known criminals, using a facial-recognition system.
Covertly recorded conversations and videos have become a tactic to discredit rivals.
Plainclothes officers now covertly buy drugs almost daily, gathering intelligence for convictions.
Some governments covertly harp on this naive adage to coerce their people to be obedient citizens.
Any two of them can join together, covertly or overtly, against the third member of the triangle.
At an opportune time, a foreign spy covertly plants software on her laptop.
Several conservation agents covertly worked the area one weekend last month.
Race affects teaching and learning overtly and covertly.

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