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His work is suppressed by a scientific establishment with covert political aims.
But they also still do covert work in the dead of night.
There is another premise to the site, albeit a covert one: that dining out can be boring.
As a tsunami speeds on its covert way, undersea mountains and valleys may alter its course.
Yet indeed, the covert operations going mad nowadays.
Ensuring that trade is fair is harder when some companies enjoy the support, overt or covert, of a national government.
Police say their covert buying helps them to know when a new batch comes in.
Either way, the authorities will watch public opinion, if only because protest can become a covert form of opposition.
The best way to counter acting this threat is by doing small and direct covert operations.
Researchers have created a robotic fly for covert surveillance.
They will rely on their covert capabilities and relationships.
They are often spiced with illicit videotapes, treacherous testimony by former confederates, and even covert wiretapping.
It is generally considered illegal for the military to hire contractors to act as covert spies.
He utilized all of these skills to carry out covert actions successfully.

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