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The inspiration for our cover was doodles that kids often draw on their notebooks and textbooks.
In some cases the state has required such schemes to cover all employees.
The magazine features a stepped cover that allows two extra editorial covers to show through for readers.
The environment is so harsh that zebras have to cover a lot of ground to survive.
For rock garden, pattern planting, ground cover add to my plant list.
When the terrain is flat and the breeze is blowing, sometimes the best way to cover ground is to go fly a kite.
And whenever the sun's brightness changes because of cloud cover or the time of day, the inverter needs to find the new optimum.
The landscape is relatively flat meaning there is no mountain obstructions or fog to cover the sky.
The floating row cover the seeded areas from the birds.
Take a human body part, cover it in diamonds, and it's high art.
Turn the cover over and attach the other two ties in the same way.
Not a good cover for mental illness or deviant behavior.
Pollution and physical barriers to root growth promote loss of urban tree cover.
They say you can't judge a book by its cover but, with planets, first impressions do count.
Good ground cover for small areas, though it can overwhelm smaller plants.
In shade gardens, best used as a ground cover or pathway edging.
Cover the seeds with the proper amount of prepared mix, taking care not to cover them too deeply.
He feels a sting in his gut and reaches to cover it.
Shrub and ground cover roses need only shaping or light shearing.
Cover the cloth with mulch to keep it from degrading in the sun.
Useful in rock garden, as edging, for small-scale ground cover add to my plant list.
Cut the felt into pieces to use as hot pads or incorporate a large piece into a pillow cover.
What an opportunity, to be able to cover topics simply because they're interesting.
More than anyone else, publishers know that a book is all too often judged by its cover.
Please provide a cover letter, curriculum vitae, statement of teaching interest and contact information for three references.
Their observations suggest that hydrocarbon seas could cover up to three quarters of the moon.
Below is the message that appears on the cover wrap.
Some cover everything, but may ask you to obtain an estimate first.
To prevent winter burn on marginally hardy woody plants, cover them before temperatures drop below zero.
Applicants are requested to include in their cover letter information about how they will further this goal.
Applications must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and a list of three references.
The giant anteater can cover its tongue with a sticky saliva to help it get ants.
Grow on a trellis, in window boxes or hanging baskets, or as ground cover.
Coarse bank cover, ground cover for poor or dry soils.
The inside of the driver's seat was made from soy-based foam, while the cover consists of a fabric made from flax.
Good as informal ground cover in small areas, along paths, or in rock gardens.
Polyurethane and a five-millimeter-thick silicone skin, soft and specially colored, cover a metal skeleton.
Use in hanging basket or as small-scale ground cover.
We cover vast tracts of land with pavement where the previous life is completely extinguished.
It enables operatives to cover more ground and boosts their visibility as well.
Best used as ground cover among open shrubs or small tree.
They do covert operations, deceptions and cover ups.
Useful as a ground cover in full sun or partial shade add to my plant list.
Slow growing ground cover has deep blue-green, soft-looking foliage add to my plant list.
Blot any juice from the cut end, then tap it onto your ink pad to cover the star's entire surface.
They remove the cover in fall when the sun is less intense.
Cover chandelier lanterns with tissue paper to create a soft glow.
In a fire-wise garden, use gravel or decomposed granite-not flammable bark mulch-to cover the bare ground around plants.
If you want to apply, please send us a résumé and cover letter.
Dramatic as the pictures were, they didn't end up on the cover.
Not with prop bets-those silly-yet-serious wagers that cover everything from the national anthem to the commercials.
Let's be honest, this has been an unusually fun campaign to cover.
The floating ice crystals then freeze together, trapping the captured sediment particles in the ice cover.
The discs retain the dainty grace of an antique armrest cover.
Satellites and aircraft can measure only large-scale effects, and they're limited by cloud cover.
Put next to each other, such cells could cover a cubic kilometer of water.
With diesel engines they could now cover long distances.
We do not need any more cover-ups, no more disinformation.
She does no better in her letter, preferring to take cover behind the claim of confidentiality-a lame excuse in any language.
Place in center of tart pan and cover with plastic wrap.
Cover with half of apple mixture, then sprinkle with half of sugar mixture.
Mix this marinade well, cover the bowl with a towel and let it stand in a cool place or in the refrigerator overnight.
Bring wide end of husk over filling to cover, then fold in sides.
Cover fennel with cold water in a medium saucepan and bring it to a boil.
Cover pie plate with foil and crimp foil tightly around rim.
Return the meat to the pan, cover, and warm up in the oven.
Cover stack of phyllo sheets with plastic wrap and a damp kitchen towel.
Season with salt and pepper, then cover surface with wax paper.
Put jars in a water-bath canner or on a rack set in a deep pot and cover with water.
Remove from oven and cover crust with toppings of your choice.
Put it on the fire, cover it and bring it to the boil.
Remove mold from water, then remove cover and pull out pops.
Cover top with remaining dough and press edges together to seal, then fold dough under.
Arrange, flesh side down, in a large roasting pan and cover pan tightly with foil.
Cover the jug tightly to prevent evaporation and let the liquors steep.
Cover the pot, check after several minutes, and adjust the heat to maintain a steaming near-simmer with few or no bubbles.
Arrange rind slices on their sides on foil-lined baking sheets, leaving space between them to add sorbet later, and cover tightly.
Transfer roast to a carving board and loosely cover.
Transfer to baking dish and cover tightly with buttered foil.
Carefully pour hot caramel mixture onto parchment and carefully cover with another sheet.
Strain the ketchup, pour it into bottles, and cover the corks with melted paraffin.
If this week's cover feels a little familiar, there's a good reason for that.
Land cover studies around the world vary greatly both temporally and spatially.
As a logical consequence of this knowledge and skills in terms of prevention and cessation must cover both habits.

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