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The couple's courtship followed a common course among members of their generation.
Researching and writing your dissertation is, in effect, the courtship period of your professional.
Belmont will appear this morning to tell her story of the hasty courtship and wedding.
When it comes to courtship and mating, it's all a matter of biology, the experts say.
The courtship was quick and the relationship was more than anyone could imagine it would be.
In this subtle courtship scene, the symbolic implications of the apple emerge.
To our knowledge, no one has ever recorded courtship behavior in honey badgers.
Images of human-machine courtship are omnipresent in pop culture.
They follow him home, and they perform a variety of courtship rituals.
The pathos of disappointment was countered by a sense of the comedy of courtship.
Eventually they engage in a true courtship dance, which can last as long as eight hours.
Cranes engage in courtship rituals so elegant that scientists call them dances.
Get a close-up view of the bizarre, sometimes painful, courtship rituals of dragonflies in this feature.
If her parents approve, a prolonged courtship begins.
Go under the surface of a pond and watch the courtship ritual of the red-spotted newt.
Males visited the sites and displayed courtship behavior, hoping to attract females.
Watch lekking courtship displays that show many of the different bird rituals.
They flash their white outer tail feathers and white wing patches conspicuously during courtship and territorial displays.
Pterosaurs had brightly colored skin, probably a drawing card during courtship.
Its crest may have been used for species recognition or courtship displays.
Researching and writing your dissertation is, in effect, the courtship period of your professional life.
Well, it is a courtship and sometimes it doesn't go well on one end or the other.
Citizen scientists participate by counting pigeons and recording courtship behaviors observed in their neighborhood pigeon flocks.
Energy and predation costs of firefly courtship signals.
They had been composed by her during the period of the courtship.
Since you are thrown together naturally, there is none of that tension that accompanies courtship.
In many ways, these are places that the parents have not visited since the outset of their courtship.
Their courtship and marriage is a dominant theme in the series.
The two years of courtship and marriage that followed mark the first return to self-discipline.
Mormyrids have also borrowed their electric senses for a less deadly purpose: courtship.
It was perfect, given that frills were probably display structures for courtship.
Here, the males were far more likely to begin their courtship rituals on the webs of cricket-full females.
There is little time for an elaborate courtship when your reproductive life is quickly ticking away.
After engaging in elaborate courtship rituals, some sea horses are thought to pair up for life.
The sounds are produced by the males, as part of their courtship displays.
Those who support it argue that other animals sing, too, and that their songs often seem to be connected with courtship.
But even with two strong partners and a respectful courtship, the expected synergies often fail to materialise.
Its new mate, in the starry moments of courtship, may find it easier to see the opportunities than the challenges.
Brill outlines a magical courtship and an idyllic wedded life, destroyed by his own romantic restlessness and infidelity.
Hindsight suggests there were hints of eruptions to come even before the courtship.
Three days later, he asked her out, and a furious courtship ensued.
He sequestered her in his hole, and they immediately curled up together and started a courtship.
Prominently displayed in a courtship dance, the males blue feet are important in attracting females.
They have a variety of calls they use to communicate during courtship, hunting, and territorial disputes.
Their courtship includes a spectacular aerial acrobatic dance.
They met as college freshmen, going through friendship, courtship and breakups on the way to marriage.
Imagination can turn courtship rituals into lifelong memories, he says.
Courtship can be elaborate in some species, or simple and brief in others.

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[T]he most artful method [of courtship] would be this, to tell her that what she doth not possess is useles... more
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