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For example, airplane pilots use coordinates to plan their routes and make sure they're on course for their destination city.
In the course of a year, the sun's apparent path through the sky lies in this plane.
The real test, of course, is the long term revenue that the deals generate for merchants and this study provides no data on that.
It was a course of action whose value and urgency were acknowledged by everyone, but it was impeded nonetheless.
It is remarkable for the number of curvatures that it presents in different parts of its course.
But of course to have found fault reveals the naïve temper of criticism in the late seventies.
IN the course of the next day the first of the usual betrothal visits were exchanged.
About the middle of their course they give off lateral cutaneous branches.
One can, of course, present a neurasthenic or hysteric to the students in a psychiatric lecture.
But the chair should never adopt such a course merely to expedite business, when the opposition is not factious.
Geometry ought to refrain from such a course, in order to give to its structure the largest possible logical unity.
Party feeling and royal politics made the course of the movement sometimes slower, sometimes tumultuous.
As students may already know, geographical factors have impacted the course of history in many ways.
Clearly, public safety and good sense call for a change of course.
Of course, small pieces of ice could not do all that.
If you touched a part of a gate or touched the side of the course, then you were fined a two second penalty.
Of course, that's a lot of dirt and it would probably require a couple of hundred rockets to get it all up there.
Of course, you will want to make sure you provide accurate information about sharks.
The fledglings started to take a course that they seemed to know well.
The facts of the research paper are unchanged, but the researchers did destroy embryos during the course of their experiments.
But take the helm yourself and you can set your own course.
All these risk-takers see their environment, which is typically urban, as a giant obstacle course waiting to be surmounted.
Miniature golf can be a lot of fun, and it is even better if the course is decorated with dinosaurs.
Software applications changed the course of history.
In snowshoeing, you're racing against the course and the snow conditions.
It is impossible to say whether such creatures might have ever existed had history took a different course.
Frozen dog dirt stipples the tundra of the golf course.
The joke is on us and our shaky human ambitions, of course, and not the dogs.
Of course, the current received by any small prey is also only a small portion of the total current generated by the eel.
And, of course, there's always the likelihood of the energy from dark matter scenario.
Imagine going to the first meeting of a course you'd long waited to enroll in.
One challenge for the zinc scale-up programs is that the treatment course usually lasts longer than the illness itself.
Fish farming economizes on feed grain, and of course on the land area needed to produce it.
It was one of those intellectual leaps that would change the course of science.
It's easy to switch into automatic pilot mode when it comes to planning a course.
Now might be a good time to ask your students to provide you with a mid-semester course evaluation.
My heart goes out to them, but a course in military history is not an appropriate place for a therapy session.
But it can cause ego damage if the mob of students in his course on personal finance gets disorderly online.
Maybe you're a professor who wants to use a chunk of copyrighted material in your course this spring.
Foundations and universities have spent a fortune producing freely available online course materials.
Teaching a full course entirely on your own is the ultimate preparatory experience.
Why your small children do not belong in my graduate-level course.
The course operates until dusk in from spring until fall.
The high-voltage third rail that runs next to a set of train tracks is, of course, something to be avoided.
Locate and cut the notches in the bottoms of them as you did for those in the first course.
Of course, the more attentive you are to their basic needs, the more rewarding they'll be to have around.
The main-course strata pairs eggs and asparagus accented with salty prosciutto, lemon, and chives.
We'll be raising fruits and vegetables in our test garden, of course.
The problem with his column, of course, is that it is itself bogus.
Of course, you can process the jams for long-term storage if you wish.
Of course, you could always raise it up a key, find even punchier flavors to make your irresistible beef stew more bewitching.
Tuck in bread, and you have a showy first course or main dish that's easy to grasp.
Serve this soup as the first course for a fall dinner party.
Except that this whole sorry saga is not about someone who missed the ethics course at journalism college.
They did not say so explicitly, of course, but the omissions from their statement tonight were eloquent.
But for upstream countries, of course, membership of the commission would bring many restrictions and few benefits.
Of course, brains have many other functions, and the human brain shares those with the brains of other animals.
Science has moved on since then, of course, and cloud chambers are now largely museum pieces.
Such territory has of course been substantially covered already.
It would be unworkable to require airlines to offer tall people extra legroom as a matter of course and without charge.
In the normal course of events, following the crowd may be more profitable.
He was following a course of emetics, and so both ate and drank with uninhibited enjoyment.
Of course, if it were really that easy, someone would have done it already.
Whether any of the entrants will stay the course and win a virtual driving licence remains to be seen.
Of course it can, but much of the same political tensions are there.
Over the course of the mission, we'll be providing daily updates.
The dream in its ideal form didn't last long, of course.
Of course the variety of subjects that appeal to the unreason of such people is limitless.
Of course, it also takes a unique talent to succeed.
Privilege in place of cash-based inequality has of course long been a hallmark of many nominally egalitarian regimes.
It has everything from a celebrity chef's restaurant to a food court--of course.
But of course, they'd already instructed their brokers to sell the stock.
It's not a perfect safeguard, of course, and there's room to quibble over the quality of a few who made it through.
Each client presents its own set of challenges, of course.
The seminar was started a century ago as a winter course on milk processing for local dairy farmers.
The question, of course, is whether those changes can be reversed.
The real lesson, of course, is that it's awesome to be a professor.
The tree actually does best by switching its alliances throughout the course of its life.
Of course, it's always good to get your complacent view shaken sometimes.
Suddenly, as the supply ship comes into view, everyone can see it's off course.
Not monochromatic of course, yet starlight far more coherent than laser light.
The reductionist paradigm is of course heavily resisted in certain quarters.
Yes, of course the broad-daylight vid is definitely cool.
It's not really a circle, of course: it's a sphere, or more properly a spherical shell.
Climate change denial blogs picked up on this immediately of course.
The greenhouse effect, of course, also has a downside.
Mere lack of evidence, of course, is no reason to denounce a theory.
For nature to take its course was simply unthinkable.
But, of course, he becomes addicted to the drug and begins to fall apart physically.
He once showed up on a course in all-tweed, including tweed knickers and a tweed cap.
The first sets off at a good pace, but after a hundred metres the rats have chewed through the bag and spill onto the course.
Their case could still fall apart in the course of further appeals.
It would if so of course not being anything specific to machines.
There is another factor of course: the attractiveness of the story.
Not seeing any risk, it of course made no move to protect people from risk.
It combines various measures to calculate the number of calories burned during the course of a day.
The sport, beloved by so many, simply can't continue on its current course-a collision course.
The ultimate test for this idea is in the economics, of course.
We are of course pleased that our work has received attention and has appeared on your site.
In the course of its circulation from one place to another, it drives a power-generating turbine.
Oil, of course, dominates world economics and politics.
Dropping a cell phone or laptop can, of course, cause irreparable damage.
Of course, the way it works isn't to simply give away bandwidth for free, but to sell it.
It's a self-serving statement, of course--but it might also happen to be true.
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The hunter education course instills in students the knowledge and skill to be a responsible and safe hunter.
Visit any public or private golf course, any day of the week, and you'll spot the same things.
Of course, neither economist will be able to push anything through if there isn't a consensus that something must be done.
The government can't begin to measure the hidden costs, of course, of sleep or sanity or solitude.
But of course the call did come, as it always does with such things.
Of course they found it the next day, because you couldn't miss the car.
Of course, it's easy-really easy-to make fun of someone who wears a necklace announcing the awards he plans to win.
Course salt and freshly ground white pepper to taste.
But, of course, it's much easier that you can fall in some mistake you can regret for all your life.
The problem, of course, is that the appeal of his candidacy was driven by dissatisfaction with the current field.
Of course, photographing the pie was a different story.
They still want things, of course, but they've changed in substantive ways.
Every course thereafter was breaded, and deep-fried, but so lightly and beautifully that nothing tasted greasy or dense.
And, of course, there's great food that happens to be vegetarian.
Different countries, of course, use their own favorite delicacies and culinary arts to prepare these savories.
They not only provided a magnificent last course, but they served also as the decorations.
Of course as soon as one has excited oneself with an idea, one finds confirmation of it everywhere.
Of course, there were sports fans who loved the stars on their favorite teams without regard to race.
What did remain, of course, was a widespread familiarity with brutality and crime on an unprecedented scale.
But she does not give him a course to follow, and she certainly does not spare him the anguish he has been going through.
Of course it is also an invaluable resource for research and fact checking.
The establishment of boundaries will, of course, be important to any cultural group.
Only recently has the army begun to alter the wall's course.
There is no escape from this gloomy scenario as long as the authorities persist in their current course.
Human relations might have gone deep with him, but they never influenced his course of life.

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