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Example sentences for courier

Many couriers and messengers work for messenger or courier services.
Those with experience may open their own courier and messenger business and work as independent contractors.
When the load is too small to justify a truck, it is sometimes sent by courier.
They would prefer working as messengers, pizza delivery, courier or wheels.
But it wasn't an illegal immigrant in search of a job, or a courier in the drug trade.
He works as an independent now, picking up work from a variety of courier companies.
Anyone who has used a proper courier bag will be familiar with this.
Various schemes might further protect goods from the errant courier and provide receipts as needed.
In my experience, the latter had decent prices for the weight, compared to mail or courier prices.
One of my good friends from high school owns his own courier service.
There is no benefit of using courier with a word count.
Kittens will be delivered via private jet courier to pre-selected veterinary offices where owners can pick them up.
Waterboarding and other torture methods didn't give the real name and location of the courier.
He replied that he was an inter-station courier and did not normally deliver mail to the end users.
Well, who do they think packed them--some courier.
The engrossed copy of the measure, ready for his signature, had been flown to him by courier last night.
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