courageously in a sentence

Example sentences for courageously

But here is the interesting thing: as long as these two disagree, you would act courageously.
Want to commend you on courageously sharing your story and struggles.
Their contributions to society need to be eloquently and courageously affirmed by their leaders.
Steve courageously exposes his life to us, allowing us to experience the intimate threads of our own.
It is not often one hears this subject so courageously discussed and intelligently.
The reason is that the poet never dares courageously to cope with despair.
Therefore, they go more courageously to their business as having a trust and affiance in such overseers.
Courageously refusing to retire, he began appearing in roles specially written to accommodate his handicap.
They have courageously combated tyranny and oppression to bring freedom to others.
They rose above the obstacles set by rampant discrimination and courageously defended our democracy.
She courageously tackled previously overlooked systematic issues and sought creative and viable solutions.

Famous quotes containing the word courageously

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