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To show courage, or to show one's faith in the saint's protection, once had real importance.
If anything, the authorship question is about courage and intellectual honesty.
They are ordinary people with extraordinary courage.
As a caver, he was awed by the courage and resourcefulness that such long-term survival underground must have demanded.
With courage and sensitivity she offers a rare insight into unfamiliar cultures and societies.
They are real heroes to have patience and courage to fight for these expert shots.
They acknowledge the horror of war but also the courage in the face of an impossible situation.
And so did large acts of cowardice and small acts of courage, often committed by unknown soldiers.
What you want to achieve is curiosity and courage to try and this is much harder to achieve because it needs the right balance.
They have tremendous integrity and should be recognized for their courage.
So, it takes a lot courage to push forward for this change.
Building a consensus for contempt gives them the courage to go home and fill that role.
It requires quite a bit of courage to face this relentless onslaught of intolerance.
If you have any courage and self respect, read the scientific literature.
Because this horrific content is so readily available, it is easy to overlook the courage it took to produce it.
We do not have substantive trade policies implemented with courage to defend our economy.
True courage is mostly choices, not gestures-difficult to make dramatic.
He thanked them, praised their courage, honored their martyrdom.
But let us have the courage to examine the gloomier theory.
Others will argue that he lacks the courage of his convictions.
They provide a sense of belonging and self-worth, and the courage to face tomorrow.
He was a scapegoat, he said, for a common failure of foresight and courage.
It takes courage and commitment to stand out from the crowd.
Beneficence and courage require far more humanity than raw might.
The bold form expresses a level of experimental courage that he hasn't shown in years.
His strength and courage were an inspiration to all who knew him.
Only his legendary courage and great chin prevented him from being knocked down.
It will require the courage that is at the heart of all leadership.
There is a sense that our elected officials don't have the political courage to put known countermeasures into law.
Bright's courage was almost as irrational as that of the rebels themselves.
Every one knew that he had the courage of a prize-fighter.
Then one of them dropped out, her hands palsied and her courage gone.
Let us meet them with faith and courage, with patience and a grateful and happy heart.
He adapted himself to a primeval standard in which courage and a rough sense of honor were the chief virtues.
The freedom gave him courage to meet any contradiction, and intelligence enough to ignore it.
Statesmanship not only requires a knowledge of the principles that control human beings, but it also requires moral courage.
He combined strength and courage with gentleness, tenderness, and great unselfishness.
Before working up the courage to talk to him, you whip out your mobile phone.
It takes courage to adapt an epistolary novel for the screen, particularly one as psychologically complex as this one.
The sight and smell of the sea inspire courage and adventure, fear and romance.
Her grace, courage and good humour seem undiminished.
Three key factors will enable our industry to make the necessary changes: investment, creativity and courage.
Others argue that bribery by leading business groups remains deeply rooted and that no president has had the courage to tackle it.
She certainly had courage galore, as well as the gift of impressing foreigners, who often rallied to her in times of need.
Courage is needed and policy makers need to appreciate there will be pain.
Some of them are again speaking out, though it still takes a lot of courage.
It took considerable political courage to travel as far as he already had.
There is no denying his courage and bravado, nor does he make any attempt to do so.
Then, one day, she summons the courage to invite a regular customer to dinner.
We all see acts of moral and intellectual courage in our everyday lives.
It's a lot harder to work up the courage to sing about something.
However, courage is an element that this novel lacks.
There is a third characteristic trait, a dauntless courage in accepting life.
With characteristic courage and determination he went immediately on a hunger--and then a thirst--strike.
Effectively teaching ethical behavior and moral courage requires combining curricular emphases with co-curricular events.
Please realize how much courage it takes from me to state this, even after all these years.
Others have called on their experience in sports to summon much larger doses of courage.
It does not take courage to speak up when you have nothing to lose.
He had the talent to be a stage director, but neither the health nor the courage to fight.
His courage and strength leaves a legacy of inspiration to all.
Most importantly, he had the courage to practice what he preached.
It took a lot of courage to do that in the face of great opposition.
When one does not have the courage of one's convictions, one no longer has convictions.
Ritter has never lacked for personal courage, nor for outrage.
If her courage ever fails her, she is not about to say so.
Rams are fiery and boisterous, displaying the utmost courage and determination when taking on a task.

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