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For the day, the chain will discount an item by twice the stated value of each manufacturer's coupon presented by a customer.
Coupons are valid for a year, and a ticket based on a coupon is usually valid for a further year.
The coupon business is a case of new technology confronting a deep-seated commercial culture.
Bond investors usually expect more of their gains to come from coupon payments.
Unique coupon code must be entered at check out and is valid only for one use.
Online retailers use a variety of incentives to goose holiday traffic, including coupon codes, newsletters and free shipping.
Most of the sites list coupon codes submitted by readers and retailers.
If you haven't bought a popular item this time, the coupon you receive on your receipt might include it.
They also have a coupon club, will send you discounts through the year.
As it apparently must for all things, computerization is coming to challenge the humble supermarket coupon.
The higher the commission the more consumers the coupon can potentially reach.
For sitting around and doing nothing a good old zero coupon solves your problems.
Or the airline might have suspected that you would misuse the coupon in a similar way.
Over the term of the bond, you provide coupon interest payments to the investors if a proscribed catastrophe does not occur.
On different days, they set up a tasting table of jam, offering each taster a coupon for a dollar off if they bought a jar.
When bond yields rise, their prices fall, eating into any gains from the security's coupon.
Attached to the note: a parking coupon good for a dollar off per night.
Book online for savings, but look for coupon codes before booking.
Coupon-eligible converters are currently not in stores.
Any discrepancy, even a single digit, will cause the coupon to be rejected.

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A man in love is like a clipped coupon—it's time to cash in.... more
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