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Distant ship horns and the bangs of coupling freight trains floated up, providing pleasing counterpoints to birdsongs.
Biting, shoving, and wrestling make for rough coupling among nurse sharks.
Though they sing of private coupling, they imply a public party with smiling parents watching.
There's another side-effect of this magnetic coupling.
One that's still under way is the emergence of a variety of precision weapons, and also coupling them with sensors.
The other innovation is a way of coupling the sections of the bridge together.
The stronger their reported connection, the closer the coupling.
Rail companies are not interested in jobs that require constant coupling and uncoupling of single car loads.
Tomato's unexpected coupling with puckery rhubarb blossoms into a delightful marriage of flavors here.
In favor of a recognition of coupling as the dominate reality in today's modern economy.
It's an utterly honest depiction of contemporary coupling.
In fact, it predicts that an increase in coupling can reduce the level of synchrony.
Today, a form of wireless energy transfer called inductive coupling is used to charge electric toothbrushes.
Other groups are also coupling fire modeling with weather prediction.
Beveling on the outside improves the fit of the pipe in the coupling, enhancing the glue joint.
And so it makes sense that in the ever-expanding world of fitness, yoga is coupling up.
When the pulse was midway through the gas, they shut off the coupling beam--stopping the probe beam dead in its tracks.
Coupling these mental exercises with increased physical workouts has compounded their benefit.
Inductive coupling can also have undesirable consequences, however.
Beyond the functionality advances, the coupling of fuel cells with by-wire technology provides new design flexibility.
She will be on hand to explain what goes into a critter coupling.
Structural remodeling refers to a constellation of processes that interfere with the normal coupling between cardiac cells.
It can be achieved with the coupling of two metals-one that gets hot while the other stays cooler.
All this raises the question of what will happen if the political porcupines fail in their attempted coupling.
Yes, coupling tax cuts with huge increases in defense spending wasn't a great idea.
But this monetary coupling will become increasingly dangerous.
By coupling risk management with technology, society can much more thoroughly reduce the negative impact of future risks.
Normal accidents are the result of interactive complexity and tight coupling.
For example, the coupling between atmospheric climate models and ocean heat models may not be adequately modeled.
Efficiency of the coupling apparatus, whether mechanical or electrical, into and out of that device is a little problem also.
Reasonably so, because this will correct the error of coupling disparate economies.
Bush has not abandoned this doctrine of linkage, coupling missile defense with warhead reduction.
In other words, there is a coupling between demand for energy and the supply of it.
At weak coupling, the field and particle descriptions are both useful.
Over vast distances in the universe, this predicts that redshift of the gauge bosons weakens the gravitational coupling constant.
It is a renormalized coupling and can have any value whatsoever.
All that's saying is that their coupling to ordinary matter and gravity is a bit more complicated than ordinary couplings.
Carr believes that the indirect evidence from finely-tuned coupling constants is actually stronger.
Worshiped for centuries by amorous couples coupling clamorously.
By coupling biller direct with direct debiting, you can sizably reduce the number of checks you write without fully automating.
Badminton and pit bulls are an incongruous coupling.
Coupling a mandate with a ridiculously low fine for declining the insurance is a recipe for financial disaster.

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