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With the end of the drought, coupled with several major irrigation projects, the state's agricultural industry bounced back.
The unnatural gloom is believed to have been caused by smoke from forest fires, possibly coupled with heavy fog.
Heavy pesticide use there at the time, coupled with heavy chemicals used here to revive the flowers after the long transport.
Optical scanners, the first technology deployed, use an array of charge-coupled devices to take a digital image of a fingertip.
The new findings do not completely resolve the coupled quasar mystery, however.
The subjects mostly chose white when a medium hued face was coupled with a business suit.
The heat pump is air coupled, so it is not of much use in the winter.
With drug regulations being what they are coupled with medical liability there is no solution.
Most experts agree that the only solution is energy efficiency coupled with renewables, unless nuclear fusion proves to be viable.
Coupled with complete bans when stocks plunge to dangerous levels, ownership is a proven concept for sustainability.
Within these chains, the researchers coupled two types of segments having different thermal properties.
Acceptance of such liabilities coupled with potential allows for growth.
Bush's budget cuts, coupled with his pro-business outlook, have served to make the agency's regulating power almost nil.
Coupled with cell towers and cheap laptops used for education, yes.
Apparently urge to breath is coupled with heart beat.
Coupled with the rather slow new lenses, you're not going to be able to get much separation.
Coupled with the premium pricing, it all adds up to a somewhat questionable experience.
In all, it's a fantastic idea coupled with a well-designed device.
Sibling jealousy, coupled with the parents' inability to thoroughly understand what makes their children tick, leads to tragedy.
Her ingratiating personality, coupled with her dances and songs adds to the zest of this offering.
Coupled with effects of climate change, such as extreme droughts, the situation seems bleak.
But increasing prosperity, coupled with a lack of awareness of the dish's origin, has sent demand skyrocketing.
And their neon-green bodies coupled with the red eyes may play havoc with their nocturnal predators' visual senses.
That, coupled with the ankle strap, really seemed to be the clincher for sport sandal success.
During the rest of the year, they are often coupled, or in small groups.
It's a combination of knowing coupled with caring that leads to action.
Virtue itself offends when coupled with forbidden manners.
Stone was laid upon stone, these granite syllables were coupled together, the word essayed some combinations.
Productivity gains coupled with high commodity prices contributed to the surge in exports.
Coupled with depressed lecturer's wages and a car that wouldn't survive the commute, the writing was on the wall.
Here are some of the highlights, coupled with my own spin on the issues.
That, coupled with a diligent talent is what is required.
The problem is one of measurement scaling coupled with advising.
On again, off again hiring and wage freezes coupled with big budget disruptions make the process even longer.
Coupled with this, the banking sector will face a tough challenge.
Second, bans must be coupled with measures to reduce demand.
The big fear is falling commodity prices coupled with rising interest rates-hardly an unimaginable combination.
These initiatives, coupled with peace negotiations, have improved the situation.
That, coupled with rigid labour markets in some places, led to sharp rises in nominal wages.
What enabled them to change was growth, coupled with muscular policymaking.
Success is about commercial muscle coupled with shamelessness.
True it is that the dance to which jazz music has been coupled is not precisely setting an example of modesty and grace.
Technological advances were not closely coupled to scientific advances.
It no longer required achievement on a broad scale coupled with some kind of lasting universal contribution.
Imagination and understanding, coupled with curiosity.
Obviously the need for it there was coupled with the talent to produce it and a favorable audience to receive it.
In one embodiment, a motor is coupled to the tuning linkage such that an operator can manually adjust the tuning via a motor.
The large surface area of the coiled tube coupled with the constant flow of fresh coolant makes for efficient condensing.
But industry experts suspect underinflated tires coupled with excess heat might be part of the problem.
Debunking the arguments on nonmotivational grounds is coupled with debunking the proponents on motivational grounds.
The shift from villages to cities is strongly coupled with a shift from one kind of technology to another.
Such commitment, coupled with her literary fecundity, unnerves many people.
Coupled with the weight gain is the emotional stress of one's body changing for the worse.
He says that the generator could be coupled with devices that are difficult or inefficient to power using conventional means.
Coupled with a mesh network, it automatically builds a map showing hazardous materials in the area.
These cells beat synchronously because they are coupled to one another through cell junctions.
If coupled with a fuel cell vehicle the household would become completely energy independent.
Beyond the displays, other key differences can be found in the systems' hand controllers and coupled robotic arms and instruments.
That, coupled with the effect of the heatsink material would create a much flatter temperature gradient in the circuit.
Coupled with this unusual tongue are grooves and muscles that allow the throat to expand.
We can't take them in public because of an underdeveloped immune system coupled with low vaccination rates in our area.
And when it comes to public health threats coupled with a large number of unskeptical people, it definitely comes into play.
One such application is the computation of finite-temperature transport coefficients of strongly-coupled gauge theory plasmas.
See, the magnetic field is coupled to the crust of the neutron star.
Stress and parenting can go hand in hand, especially when coupled with the demands of everyday life.
First, they shot the runaway train coupled to the two engines pushing it in reverse.
It's easy to understand the emergence of a culture of paranoia coupled with a rhetoric of vengeance.

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