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The legal landscape for gays and lesbians pursuing adoption varies considerably by state and even at times by county.
County chiefs remain at the mercy of their prefectural-level superiors, who retain a critical say in county appointments.
Only parts of each county are designated, depending on how far emissions from the industries travel.
The trial itself was a circus, largely a publicity stunt for the county.
The county coroner told the newspaper that the professor had died of natural causes.
There are so many indoor pot farms running expensive all-day gro-lights in the county.
They then recorded the month in which the error was made, and whether the incident occurred in a county with teaching hospitals.
But yet it is executed, and well executed, and usually by some of the principal gentlemen of the county.
Government offices will be closed and the county's employees will have a paid day off.
If the missing votes split at the same rate as the rest of the county, she would easily have won.
Next election only city council names are put in the hat for county supervisors.
There are filters from global all the way to county in some areas.
Police guarded county bus stations to prevent people from fleeing.
The staff decided to pack him off to the county hospital's psychiatric unit.
It comes as no surprise, for example, to learn that she placed third in a county beauty pageant a few years ago.
Procedures now take place only in sophisticated operating theaters, not in motel rooms or in the back rooms of county hospitals.
Well, some were little-he never set a county record for blood-alcohol level, for instance.
The jury found the money to have been stolen rather than found, and it was given to the county to be used in building a new jail.
Offering detailed information about county, its government and public offices, and various departments.

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