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Until you get almost on top of the city, the countryside is quite sparsely populated.
There are barricades across the city, extending into the countryside.
The countryside dominates, and the city is an afterthought.
Hundreds of people were killed, the city was destroyed and hundreds of thousands fled into the countryside.
City-dwellers have been told not to visit the countryside.
And before nightfall, too, a thrill of horror went through the whole watching nervous countryside.
German higher education is as diverse as its countryside, cities, and towns.
Frequently they came from countryside families too poor to feed them.
Never mind that on weekends the campus was as unpopulated as the surrounding countryside.
Although becoming less common, these are still woven in countryside villages.
But deer are also thriving because of the ways people have carved up the countryside, unwittingly creating prime deer habitat.
The building's award-winning design mixes interpretation and the surrounding countryside.
While some of the paintings in that exhibition depict the countryside near his home, others are pure fantasy.
For thousands of years, people lived in the countryside.
In between the roads are regions of relatively low density: the cosmic countryside.
People migrating from the countryside face untold challenges wrought by density.
Today each new summer brings an army of botanical enthusiasts scouring the countryside, searching for fascinating flora.
The global demographic trend is toward urbanization, not a return to the countryside.
Windows broke, walls cracked and landslides were triggered in the countryside, but so far no casualties have been reported.
Something else that settles into cities more than into the surrounding countryside is heat.
Chronic malnutrition was prevalent, and starvation was spreading in the countryside.
Each morning, his buyers drive out into the countryside to collect the best of the season's produce.
The opening is cinematic, cutting swiftly from arrival to departure to the shock of the countryside.
These grow naturally and are cultivated in the countryside.
The redesign creates a kind of airborne suburbia, paving the skies far out into what was the countryside.
But if a paleontologist could see a dinosaur frolicking in the open countryside, it would be absolutely spellbinding.
With little means of subsistence or livelihood in the delta countryside, many of the tribal members have migrated to the cities.
It's a huge earthwork carved into the countryside about three thousand years ago.
Many people have even witnessed bolides--exploding meteors--which can light up the countryside enough to cast shadows.
In the countryside they sometimes are engaged in farm labor, but more usually in horse trading.
As the countryside becomes overrun, people are more likely to encounter mice, and infected ones at that.
It winds through countryside abandoned long ago in favor of easier accessibility.
In neither county, as you travel through, do you get the impression that wine is the livelihood and lifeblood of the countryside.
Travel is all about escape, and the urge to get away often leads us out of cities and into the countryside.
Area stables offer horseback trips into the surrounding countryside.
Award-winning cheese is made on the farm, and the surrounding countryside offers many recreational and historical activities.
Refurbished vintage stock rolls through the countryside and connects small towns.
The country's cities, coastal areas and beautiful countryside all offer activities for kids.
Always carry cash when leaving the major cities, as countryside shops and vendors won't necessarily take credit cards.
They boarded up houses in which plague appeared and fled to the countryside.
Suburban stress has not produced any large-scale countermovement back to the cities or out to the countryside, however.
The countryside is lush, with rolling hills, and tea bushes nestled under verdant green trees.
Much of their drinking water comes from a lake in the peaceful countryside north of town.
They had depended for their perpetuation on constant new recruits from the countryside.
Lower down, you enter into an ungovernable countryside.
Hatch has spent hours driving through the countryside, trolling for missing specimens sprouting along the road.
Lepidopterists, however, will have a difficult time finding unfenced countryside in which to practice their avocation.
The countryside then was so changeless it might have been a picture pasted against the window.
In the cases of those brought up in the countryside, regardless of where they now live, the correlations were as expected.
It is a metropolis with the lazy charm of the countryside.
In the countryside the revival of traditional values has needed little encouragement.
Even the health-insurance scheme in the countryside is not all it is cracked up to be.
In poor areas, including much of the countryside, the government will need to remain the primary provider.
It is more prevalent among people born in cities than those born in the countryside.
They might heighten tensions between people in cities and those in the countryside.
The countryside whizzes by in a blur, though the ride is impeccably smooth.
But better prospects in the countryside are also a factor.
It was a traditional countryside upbringing, but there were also trips to the theater, the ballet.
There are so many bodies-both human and animal-lying around the countryside that much of the rural water supply is contaminated.
Abandoned by friends and colleagues, she lives in the countryside and waits for the knock on the door.
In the future it will pervade cities as well as countryside, factories as well as forests.
Quite apart from the countryside, they have failed to secure even the major cities and highways so that aid agencies can work.
Businessmen arrived each evening still in their suits and ties, and farmers came in from the countryside as time permitted.
There is a place where friendly people in charming communities dot the countryside.
There's another celestial spectacle that shows up better in the countryside.
As the success of reform became evident in the countryside, it was gradually extended to the cities.

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