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He was taken to visit set a country house, and at once inquired how much rent was paid for it.
Consequently she left him both a town and a country house with sufficient income to keep them up properly.
We put on an opera festival in the garden of our country house.
Any disputes were settled in private in your club or country house.
It is all a far cry from piecing together clues in a country house, or the drudgery of real-life detective work.
It has the comfort and ambience of a four-star country house hotel.
Here one may create the atmosphere of a country house with loggias, greenhouses, and wall fountains.
He invites his parents to attend a fellowship picnic at a country house owned by relatives of one of the church members.
There is no comic potential that lies on the other side of this moment, no escape to the moonlit garden in the country house.
After hiking or cycling, you'll enjoy resting in the splendor of this country house.
Some of us yearn for an idyllic life as a novelist, shaping a story in a quaint country house.

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A house in the country is not the same as a country house.... more
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