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Honey shipped in from undisclosed countries of origin.
It has since that time in different countries sunk to six, five, four and three per cent.
We have saved a number of countries from losing their liberty.
Registered in other countries are ships that belong to owners in one country but fly the flag of another.
Diplomats make it their business to conceal the facts, and politicians violently denounce the politicians of other countries.
Some countries require a medical exam and/or a criminal background check.
The people in these countries are mostly governed by dictators, thus reflecting their nation's mentality.
Dangers come in so many forms, and it's tough to compare countries by overall risk.
If you want to help people in developing countries, you have to help their animals.
Bull fighting isn't the same here as in other countries.
We live in one of the countries where easy access to clean, safe drinking water has long been the norm.
The effect upon petroleum-consuming countries was immediate, profound and long-lasting.
New forecasts for the government debt and budget balances of rich countries.
With a lot of countries in debt, you should start to see taxes go up or even more goods will be taxed.
In this lesson students will collect information about countries, then enter that information on a chart.
Accordionist in a beer tavern among merry tourists from different countries.
Researchers from developed countries often feel an obligation to their financial supporters.
Many countries have set explicit targets for raising higher-education enrollments over the next decade.
Many of those jobs are easy to export to countries with far lower standards of living.
Most students in emerging countries will, of course, be educated at their home countries' large national universities.
Developing countries don't have the same access to satellite information as do first-world nations.
Developing nations spend as much developing clean energy as developed countries.
Not that long ago many chronic diseases were considered to be problems confined to prosperous countries.
The real beneficiaries are the countries whose renewable energy businesses will grow from this investment.
Free distribution of nets is already being applied successfully in several impoverished countries.
With the sector booming, there is much opportunity for growth in these countries and others now.
All the countries must realize that a lot more needs to be done.
In these countries, people are affluent enough to cover the basics which are essential to a base level of happiness.
Countries with public insurance do about as well as countries with private insurance.
Heber suggests that different countries are taking different approaches.
It lists personal income tax rates for various countries.
It's time to look at the best-performing countries and pragmatically adapt their solutions.
The two countries have the world's largest natural gas reserves.
On one side are food corporations with a heavy financial stake in selling products in developing countries.
Capital will tend to avoid countries where employment is heavily taxed or heavily protected, leading to a rise in unemployment.
With a belly full of barbecue, you'll then be whisked far away to discover what other countries rake over the coals.
Southern countries prefer the red kind, that is, with the addition of beets.
Friends in different countries are always text messaging me their culinary creations.
Sometimes stuff is worth doing, and people from other countries find out about it.
It is made in the countries where sold rather than being imported, because toffee is its best only when fresh.
It helps to look at culture instead of at specific countries.
Countries around the globe have differing standards of food safety.
Practical medical devices for use in poor countries.
But while those countries recoil from atomic energy, others are committing to a nuclear future.
Food from countries all over the world owes a lot of its flavour to a fungus.
Stem cell tourists still have other countries they could flock to for unregulated treatments.
Instead of representing guitar strings, the bottom axis stands for seventeen countries that have taken steps toward regime change.
Now more countries need bailouts and the total cost is seven hundred and fifty billion.
Even so, several leading whaling countries declined to abide by it.
Most of the growth will occur in the world's poorer countries.
But it's not the way to provide teachers in developing countries.
Without high oil prices, the argument goes, many of the countries in the region would sink into poverty and political chaos.
How pushy do the leaders of undeveloped countries imagine they can get.
Other countries don't seem to accept this limitation.
His goal was to break into one of each type in a laundry list of countries.
It, as he points out, has been raping the poorer countries of the world with impunity for years.
They drill for water in remote regions of these two countries, providing water and sanitation facilities.
Other countries will reject our exploitation and demand instead our cooperation.
The implications of such surveillance have already been made clear in other countries.
We borrowed from countries that were running persistent trade surpluses.
They call on scores of literary experts in scores of countries and pay them to put down a few reflections about possible winners.
And in that decision, those two countries appear to be rare indeed.
US government profiles of countries and territories around the world.
For these countries, shale gas development could significantly alter their future gas balance, which may motivate development.
At the time of writing, both countries had yet to come to an agreement regarding transit fees.
Developing countries face unique difficulties preparing for an influenza pandemic.
The two countries have held negotiations to resolve the disputes.
Income disparity within and among developing countries explains how there can be obesity in the midst of under-nutrition.

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