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We need to find other ways to provide a political counterweight.
There's a counterweight beyond the stationary orbit, you see.
Not that regs are a panacea either, but they are the only real counterweight to corporate power and agendas.
And what he said was an even more effective counterweight than his tone.
The system as a whole may well be better served by having a systematic counterweight to maximizing short-term profits.
He doesn't deny the positive impacts of technology, but he does offer a counterweight.
Picking a real teammate is better than picking a political counterweight.
He is beefing up his police as a counterweight to the army.
More to the point, though, is that a strong counterweight to poor people voting themselves money is necessary.
One effort has been to strengthen outside directors as a counterweight to over-mighty bosses.
As a counterweight to the upward bias delivered by captive boards, no doubt this is true.
Traditionally, influential provincial governors have instead served as the primary counterweight to the presidency.
Also, unions are intended to act as a counterweight to unfettered capitalism.
On debit cards, the retail lobby proved a surprisingly effective counterweight to the financial sector.
Counterweight safeties, where furnished shall conform to the requirements for car safeties.
The counterweight frame shall be equipped with four derailment rings.
After securing the gate, the counterweight is partially filled with concrete.
The deviation is necessary to facilitate the replacement of the counterweight cables.
It was discovered at this point that the counterweight did not have as much weight on it as it did the day of the wreck.
When the elevator went up, the counterweight came down.
Unfortunately, the rigger was standing inside the swing radius created by the movement of the counterweight.

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The slogan offers a counterweight to the general dispersion of thought by holding it fast to a single, utte... more
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