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The plastic industry argues that bans and taxes are counterproductive.
Setting your mind on a goal may be counterproductive.
In fact, it becomes counterproductive as a group becomes more established.
Otherwise, feeding them up with technology must be counterproductive.
Head-on fights are counterproductive with fearful dogs because conflict reinforces the fearful mindset.
Pink points to studies that show creating incentives can be counterproductive.
They win by compelling empires into counterproductive overspending.
The top promoters argued that it would be counterproductive to ban boxing.
To scare or intimidate them will end up being counterproductive.
Should it ever mutate into a counterproductive form, reform becomes necessary.
The present method of fudging data to reach a predetermined result is counterproductive.
There is good evidence, for instance, that too much exercise can be counterproductive when you have an illness.
We see many people becoming addicted to games etc and this can be counterproductive to themselves and society at large.
Avoid counterproductive ways of dealing with stress.
Still, actions that seem counterproductive and irrational occur not only in human societies, but also all over the animal kingdom.
And for advocates, the broader definitions may actually be counterproductive.
He's really being counterproductive towards his cause.
Some leaders denounced the hearings as counterproductive.
Putting wolves among sheep is misguided, foolish, and counterproductive.
As an environmental policy, the effect of cash for clunkers is far from clear and may well be counterproductive.
Trying to sway a debate by using misinformation is counterproductive.
But the uncertainty and flexibility of both intelligence and teachers makes policy applications counterproductive.
Having these times dictated to us by ignorant admin dufuses is ridiculous, and ultimately counterproductive.
Many parents, determined not to be cruel or counterproductive, latch on to pre-approved language from books.
But controlling it with weird keys is counterproductive.
But it reduces the overall throughput, so it's counterproductive.
Plus all defined benefit programs encourage counterproductive behavior on the part of beneficiaries.
It became in some ways counterproductive to aim higher.
They suggest that the elimination of these pace-changing opportunities may in fact be counterproductive for academic success.
The threat of bombing is not enough, and is probably counterproductive.
My guess is that the regulators will probably gum up the markets in ways that are counterproductive.
The strategy thus far followed has been counterproductive and has only taken possible solutions further away.
Indeed that efforts at state building may be counterproductive.
Some of the more counterproductive manifestations of this revolution-in-waiting can be reversed overnight.
Such policies are ham-fisted and, in the end, counterproductive.
If they are, then perhaps page views are a counterproductive metric.
There is still much to learn, he says, and fear is counterproductive.
But he stopped short of identifying any corporate tax break or subsidy as unreasonable or counterproductive.
It seems counterproductive to oppose ice origins to hot-vent origins.
If these programs keep too many boats chasing too few fish, they will be counterproductive in the end.
Keeping the old generation fertile for much longer would be counterproductive.
Another problem with climate alarmism is that it is completely counterproductive.
Such an approach would be counterproductive for all of us.
The bazaar diplomacy of the past ten years has clearly been counterproductive.
As for testing creativity, it is counterproductive to claim that the word represents something outside the realm of science.
The fact that it may have been natural at the time doesn't mean it wasn't wrong and ultimately counterproductive.
The casual dismissal of contradictory evidence by the established scientific community is counterproductive.
Last but not people wanting to undertake treatment delivery as in gold rush can be counterproductive.
Increasing the price of oil is a good option, but intentionally making the process less efficient is counterproductive.
However, enforcing the same level of cuts across the board is counterproductive.
And it's usually counterproductive, since the appeal typically gets kicked back to the appropriate level anyway.
They preach an arrogant siren song that the current collection of politicians have yet to recognize as being counterproductive.
And the answer may be that government subsidy is actually counterproductive.
To not consider race or gender as a factor among many in remedying past discrimination is ludicrous and counterproductive.
They told me that it would be counterproductive to do so.
There is doubt the the tax code is largely counterproductive.
Focusing on any one type is misleading and counterproductive.
Filing away loose office papers can be similarly counterproductive.
In a number of respects, the current tax system is counterproductive and biased against saving and investment.
The effects of this short-sighted approach are already playing out with counterproductive results.
Social psychological theories about counterproductive group dynamics may partially explain this finding.
If the true goal is to encourage responsible retirement savings, then this is counterproductive.
Improperly installed turning vanes can be counterproductive.
The announcement of a fiscal consolidation was considered extremely selfish and ultimately counterproductive.
For a bank to boost capital by withdrawing credit or exiting important business lines would be counterproductive.
Yet cross-border military intervention is unlikely and would probably be counterproductive.
Its threats of fines would have been counterproductive-if they had been credible.
The regime, he says, is obsolete and counterproductive.
Wasting your bile on completely different topic is counterproductive.
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