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When in his fifties he wished to write music, he took up for the first time the study of counterpoint.
Blue-green pots on the patio provide a cool counterpoint to a red trellis on the shed wall.
Warm-toned fabrics are similar in color to the walls, and green concrete fireplace tiles act as a counterpoint.
In the blink of this horse's eye, the blue sky becomes a counterpoint to its stare.
Occasionally, the wood thrush launches into a series of sustained intonations, a haunting counterpoint to his primary song.
Point and counterpoint is an appealing construct when it comes to movie reviews, sports predictions, and even politics.
See this counterpoint on methane releases and shale gas.
The single counterpoint is represented by the computer user.
It's probably too late, droned the counterpoint in my head.
Even the exuberant pop music on the soundtrack is used as a counterpoint to the characters' enclosed meanness and malaise.
While positive inducements can be valuable in creating a culture of good governance, accountability is the natural counterpoint.
Counterpoint is used to elaborate and intensify the thematic argument of sonata form.
The archival material provides a counterpoint to the contemporary footage of the landscape.
But the cascade of missed chances to detect the conspiracies form an equally important counterpoint to her gripping narrative.
He will find no counterpoint here, except that it does not bear upon the question at hand.
There are eight songs-solos, duets, choruses-which perfectly counterpoint the action.
Amazon, we're awaiting your counterpoint software update.
Almost without exception, he deploys those words in derisive counterpoint to his own clarity of purpose and principle.
Counterpoint will repair any carpet that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.

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