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Example sentences for counterintuitive

It seems counterintuitive for anyone to invest in commercial real estate these days.
The idea that they might also prevent disease is counterintuitive.
Now, a pair of biomechanics researchers has offered a scientific explanation of how this counterintuitive tactic worked.
On the surface, the theory may seem counterintuitive.
While paradoxes abound over the notion of infinity, they reflect our counterintuitive discomfort with the idea.
At first glance, an upside-down pyramid is counterintuitive.
The counterintuitive behavior may be exploited to make a crystal sponge for chemical cleanup.
These counterintuitive results, the authors say, make sense in light of badgers' natural history.
Swirling vortices help dust gather and grow into planets, according to counterintuitive new research.
Waterfront is always highly desirable but ranking it can be confusing, even counterintuitive.
If anything, it's sort of counterintuitive that the unitary family has persisted so long and pervasively in our society.
In a bar, for instance, he watched bartenders use a counterintuitive underhanded maneuver to grab and pour from a bottle.
Metaphors are often used in science to understand difficult and counterintuitive phenomena.
Their explanation involved an elegant model with deeply counterintuitive implications.
US agricultural policy really is a bout counterintuitive if you think about it.
The answer to your question may be counterintuitive but this is based on modern cosmology and relativity theory.
Everything is mind-numbingly expensive, but it looks cheap and/or works in some counterintuitive way.
The defined start of the seasons based on the sun's positions may seem counterintuitive.
The reasons for these counterintuitive findings are not clear, he says.
Counterintuitive wardrobe choices keep your fans guessing.
Losing energy brings it closer, but it moves faster, which is counterintuitive.
One hint at an explanation for these counterintuitive effects comes from the physiology of starvation.
People need to figure out which counterintuitive moments they tolerate better.
The idea may be counterintuitive, but makes perfect mathematical sense.
Although counterintuitive, this makes perfect sense if that growth was achieved through bad investments.
Still, a number of interesting and in some cases perhaps counterintuitive findings cropped up.
Guitar distortion is a triumph of the counterintuitive.
The finding was counterintuitive, and it was based on brand-new methodology.
The second paragraph of your post sure sounds counterintuitive.
What they find is both counterintuitive and important.
It offers a surprising and counterintuitive way of controlling quantum systems that are changing from one state to another.
At first glance this seems somewhat counterintuitive but on reflection it makes perfect sense.
And the work has thrown up some counterintuitive results.
Shortcuts through space, if only for information, make possible all kinds of counterintuitive shenanigans.
That's a fascinating study and counterintuitive in some ways too.
That's an unsettling and counterintuitive discovery.
Panpsychism remains counterintuitive, but it cannot be ruled out at the start of inquiry.
But the data revealed something else, something counterintuitive.
It may seem counterintuitive, but being cognitively drained made them less inhibited and more candid, which felt good.
It seems counterintuitive, but there are ways to cut your costs with new gadgets and services.
So we've got to play tricks on ourselves: schedule free time, however counterintuitive that may seem.
The notion that the best marriages are those that bring satisfaction to the individual may seem counterintuitive.
These economists make the counterintuitive argument that increasing cigarette taxes helps smokers more than anyone else.
The takeover market's pattern of following equity prices is counterintuitive.
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