counterinsurgency in a sentence

Example sentences for counterinsurgency

Conventional counterinsurgency thinking tries to get into the heads of rebels by understanding their motivations and methods.
The silliness of the plot may reflect on the difficultly of creating movies about counterinsurgency.
It went from development to counterinsurgency to counterterrorism to counterinsurgency again.
But with counterinsurgency tactics headway has been made.
Each country is fighting active counterinsurgency campaigns inside its own territory.
It's worth emphasizing here that humane treatment of prisoners is considered a cornerstone of effective counterinsurgency.
It's one of several efforts efforts designed to free up uniformed troops for combat and counterinsurgency work.
Good policing is one of the fundamentals of successful counterinsurgency.
Examines how counterinsurgency leadership has often meant the difference between success and failure.
The regiment has had similar successes preparing units to deploy into combat for the counterinsurgency fight.
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