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It is this logic that explains the luxury sector's constant efforts to limit counterfeiting and copying.
Develop a slogan that captures your anti-piracy and counterfeiting message in one easy-to-remember phrase.
Economic reverses in the region may yet sap demand, and counterfeiting could undermine confidence in the market.
Obviously many things that can be done against counterfeiting are not done.
Counterfeiting meets pixel power, and nothing will ever be the same again.
Some governments deem drug-counterfeiting a trivial offence, little more than a common irritant.
There are horrid doubts: about consistency and about counterfeiting.
That, and counterfeiting, meant that the barter system has suffered hyperinflation.
Many of them add innovations to the devices they are counterfeiting.
Inflation policy is admitting that the government is broke and can't pay its bills without counterfeiting.
Corruption, blackmail and counterfeiting are rampant.
Weapons sales, counterfeiting and growing opium and making heroin.
The problem of counterfeiting may get worse as wallets get squeezed.
Sometimes the colour of the money can actually be an anti-counterfeiting device.
Inflation is an admission by the guv that he can't pay his bills without counterfeiting.
The counterfeiting of money is one of the oldest crimes in history.
The two-day meeting was an important opportunity for the participants to discuss counterfeiting of semiconductor products.
With the ease of reproduction of goods and creative works due to emerging technologies, counterfeiting is on the rise.
The school said that university-issued tickets have a foil marker embedded in the ticket to prevent counterfeiting.
Amid a sour economy, one business appears to be thriving: counterfeiting.

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