counterfeit in a sentence

Example sentences for counterfeit

Yet whereas counterfeit art has been around for centuries, wine forgery is relatively new.
Finally, there was nothing in his country whereof he had not the counterfeit in gold.
There will be more inspections to prevent counterfeit or unsafe goods from crossing our borders.
By your logic, the existence of counterfeit dollar bills would virtually preclude the existence of real greenbacks.
Different societies have taken different measures to defend themselves against these counterfeit teachers.
Online ordering also carries a higher risk of encountering counterfeit pills.
The amount of counterfeit cash in circulation remains small.
If there were no cash, then counterfeit goods would be worth more because they would be directly bartered and exchanged.
Students charged with making counterfeit money for cafeteria use.
Using a bank or official currency exchange reduces the chance of receiving counterfeit cash or being swindled.
Counterfeit lithium-ion batteries in cellphones occasionally explode, causing injuries.
It's the flip side to the multimillion-dollar counterfeit.

Famous quotes containing the word counterfeit

True love never goes without respect; and its counterfeit is often obliged to feign it, till an occasion se... more
For he could coin, or counterfeit New words, with little or no wit; Words so debas'd and hard, no stone Was... more
I would gladly chastise those who represent things as different from what they are. Those who steal property or make more
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