counterfactual in a sentence

Example sentences for counterfactual

He studies self-control, decision-making, and counterfactual reasoning.
With so many variables at play, it is a difficult counterfactual to entertain.
But historians are trained not to engage in counterfactual thinking.
The notion that everyone has a single coherent overarching viewpoint on the world strikes me as counterfactual and unreasonable.
Counterfactual claims require extraordinary evidence to overcome the established scientific theory.
One of the things that makes it easy to make such counterfactual arguments is that there are often studies to back them up.
If you're in academia, it's called counterfactual history.
Playing out such counterfactual premises offers unique rewards.
As with any counterfactual, an answer is difficult to come by.
The free-trade counterfactual constructed above shows that only low-cost firms supply the market.
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