counterexample in a sentence

Example sentences for counterexample

Where people are involved, you can find a counterexample to any statement made.
My counterexample above demonstrates this pretty clearly.
Economics does not provide the necessary objective evidence for proof by counterexample.
In fact, it strikes me that marriage provides a great counterexample.
Lastly, it's rather ironic that some comments choose to cite oil as some sort of counterexample to the rare earths situation.
Well, real life provides a great counterexample anyway.
He's probably the counterexample to the theory that nobody learns anything.
All it takes is one counterexample to disprove a negative.
The second thought was of the obvious counterexample.
Counterexample: someone asks a really basic question.
When the model checker finds an inconsistent formula, it produces a counterexample.
We provide a counterexample, where the central path converges to a different optimal solution.
Any item that doesn't fit your conjecture is called a counterexample.
However, this is false, as is established by the following counterexample.
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