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Example sentences for countercyclical

So fiscal policy at the national level is countercyclical: as the economy shrinks, government expands.
But if these firms are more carefully regulated and take countercyclical measures, then they should be more stable.
The advantage of a tax is that it can be implemented in a countercyclical way.
The back-and-forth has actually come around to re-arguing the value of countercyclical fiscal policy.
Elsewhere politicians have shown they can run countercyclical policies in bad times.
Typically, migration is countercyclical-people move more when economic hardship hits.
Of course, the previous underuse of countercyclical policy suggests that it's more important than ever to get policy right now.
Not necessarily in the underlying theory of countercyclical monetary policy, but in the failure to use it to its full extent.
And then there is the additional countercyclical buffer that may apply in boom periods.
Countercyclical policy is by definition policy aimed at increasing growth rates.
Countercyclical payment rates vary depending on market prices.
Countercyclical payments also would be authorized for the first time for legumes.
Deficits also may complicate countercyclical monetary policy.
And, they do represent some of the boldest countercyclical and financial rescue operations in history.
The countercyclical effect of investment incentives such as partial expensing was enhanced by its temporary nature.
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