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Example sentences for counterculture

Eggshells involves itself with a mysterious presence moving through the counterculture of its times.
The country's ever-growing consumer culture almost requires an increased sense of individuality and its own counterculture.
And nothing more eloquently symbolizes the counterculture era than the peace sign.
There was not much in the way of culture or counterculture, and it's not really near anything.
Jobs was a card-carrying member of a generation that celebrated a hippie counterculture.
Here the counterculture met the mountain culture and something unique was born: bartering.
Ascend the steps into a fountain-centered courtyard and enter a bastion of calm, counterculture tranquility.
He underwent no fundamental transformation when he left the academic world for the counterculture.
Later, they appealed to the counterculture movements born of the sixties.
They grew up in a world in which the counterculture and the mainstream culture have merged with, and co-opted, each other.
On the whole, however, the franchise looked askance at the rising counterculture.
Various legal high products which are regularly advertised in counterculture magazines.
Some would have once happily described themselves as members of the counterculture.

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