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Mom was the real handyman in our household, because she knew the difference between clockwise and counterclockwise.
When faced with the rare snail whose shell formation is counterclockwise, many snakes failed to feed or dropped their prey.
With my back to the right wall of the chamber, turning my head to the left makes the interior twist counterclockwise.
With my back to the left wall, a right turn tips it counterclockwise, while a left turn tips it clockwise.
He can then walk counterclockwise around the coastline.
But their counterclockwise rotation produces southward winds on their leading edge.
We went counterclockwise, and were unterrified and happy with the pace of the scenery in our direction.
The contrary happens with a counterclockwise turning.
The spot rotates counterclockwise once every seven days.
As a result, the diffraction pattern is slightly rotated, either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the original light.
Find it by beginning with the correct letter and moving clockwise or counterclockwise around the box, using each letter only once.
As you approach the image, notice that the radial lines appear to rotate counterclockwise.
If you turn the doll's head counterclockwise, it will come off, revealing a silver key inside.
Inside, an electric motor drove a chain that pulled the chairs counterclockwise.
He plunged off to shake hands with everybody he knew, moving around the room in a slow, counterclockwise semicircle.
All three neutrinos are left-handed in the sense that when they move away from you their spin is counterclockwise.
If the revolving door goes clockwise, you go counterclockwise.
The storm's forward motion in this quadrant adds to its counterclockwise wind flow.
Air flowing into an area of low pressure rises, making a counterclockwise spiral on the way in.
Simultaneously move one foot clockwise and your other foot counterclockwise.
The storms mostly spin counterclockwise north of the equator, resulting in the majority of tornadoes rotating counterclockwise.
Turn the plunger in a counterclockwise direction to release it from the tank.
Transfer your weight to your left foot and spin counterclockwise while extending your right arm at shoulder height.
Point and flex your toes, rotate each ankle both clockwise and counterclockwise.
But then, eager to give his measured words emphasis, he starts his right hand stirring the air in tight counterclockwise loops.
You'd expect to see as many with the arms going clockwise as you would counterclockwise, for two reasons.
Particles will circulate in opposite directions in each beam line-clockwise in one, counterclockwise in the other.
But they had a problem: people were finding significantly more counterclockwise-rotating spiral galaxies than clockwise.
In one reference frame it may appear to rotate clockwise, and in another counterclockwise with respect to the relative motion.
To the hands of the clock, the face is going counterclockwise.
To the hands of the clock, the face goes counterclockwise.
To the hands of the clock, it is the face going counterclockwise.
Try to loosen the setscrew by turning it counterclockwise with your fingers or the pliers.
Twirl experimentally a few times in both directions to determine whether clockwise or counterclockwise rotation is necessary.
Ring answers may begin in any position within the ring, and they can run either clockwise or counterclockwise.
The handler then moves one door clockwise or counterclockwise, and a new round starts.
Hold a teacup, coffee mug or a pan with a handle under the bleeder valve and unscrew the valve counterclockwise.
Contrary to urban legend, she did not go down the pipe counterclockwise.
The closure is opened by pushing down on the closure and simultaneously turning it counterclockwise.
If one favors the single counterclockwise gyre interpretation, then some generating mechanism is needed.
Most mechanisms proposed so far for single gyre counterclockwise lake circulation are for stratified lakes, and do not apply here.
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