counterattack in a sentence

Example sentences for counterattack

Consider the counterattack he executed this morning.
Vaccination provides a training exercise that teaches the immune system how to muster a swift counterattack.
Meanwhile the sub would have lost its surprise and be subject to counterattack.
So constantly being on defense and having to sort of counterattack the things that they say.
And the deep-pocketed opposition now has the opening it needs to launch a counterattack.
Readers made uncomfortable by all this nativist and racist opinion will no doubt find it easy to counterattack.
Meanwhile, five doses of rabies vaccine given over four weeks are the bullets that complete the counterattack.
It is a story of the rise of a moderate coalition and its counterattack against extremism.
Provoked by the brutal counterattack, the protesters abandoned their peaceful posture and fought back.
But if the randomness of the crime is rare, the counterattack has been groundbreaking.
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