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In my junior year of high school, my guidance counselor did his best to encourage me to pursue a career in art education.
Yvonne, a marriage counselor, will contribute her considerable peacekeeping skills.
As a camp counselor, he told fireside tales about her experiences.
When she realized that more than friendship was needed, she advised a trusted school counselor.
Her dad was the high school football and basketball coach and, later, guidance counselor.
Didn't even know what a pension was until the employee benefits counselor clued me in, and it nearly blew the top of my skull off.
The spelling of a psychological profession is counselor.
They also advise talking these things over with a doctor of counselor.
The true lawyer is a peacemaker, a counselor rather than an advocate.
Other times, he finds himself counselor to heartbroken mothers whose children were struck by bullets meant for someone else.
Even telephone contact with a center counselor helps people to overcome the crisis and opt for life.
Perhaps it was because one of the professors was a psychiatric counselor and another was a minister.
She has worked as a guidance counselor and a special-education teacher.
Use our map feature to locate the veterans counselor nearest you.
Your counselor or teacher might have examples of strong resumes.
She is a mental health counselor, finance coach and travel agency owner.

Famous quotes containing the word counselor

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