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Already its influence has spread into the secret council chamber, as well as into the laborer's cottage.
Both are former schoolteachers and county council officials.
The council tracks students from the region because of its geopolitical importance.
It hired a lawyer to investigate placement-rate practices on all of its campuses and reported its discovery to the council.
He orders all things and has given us a fine day for our council.
These authors add, that the whole council came into his way of thinking, and made no new law on that point.
But the present council is a pale shadow of past grandeur.
Western governments are unsurprisingly wary of fully endorsing the fledgling council, unsure of whom it represents.
Party nominees have been elected to all five seats on a powerful new media council.
Council members say that they know they would have more authority were they an elected body.
The military council talks to some of these critics.
The council announced that it would consider all options, but since then had done nothing.
After bitter and pointless debate, the council zoned the lot for the gas station and the galaxy above the lot for the sign.
Start by drawing names out of a hat for city council seats.
Next election only city council names are put in the hat for county supervisors.
On the city council, enemies of heavy industry demanded that all the ovens be shut down.
However, some ministers also council families in need, run soup kitchens and daycare and such.
The council was directed to produce a report recommending policies on human cloning.
With his fellow-braves in council, dare not leave a place for her.
The council is charged with evaluating diamond imports and certifying their country of origin.
He requested land from the village council in exchange for his help in bringing in a better price for the local coffee.
Skilled political operator and one of council's best-known players.
Council's youngest member, faced no opposition in first bid for re-election.
Its city council annually puts up the money for a show of works by local painters and sculptors.

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