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We couldn't believe how simple it was to make these frozen treats.
It's not that such a moment, one that transforms an afternoon walk into a lifelong memory, couldn't happen in another town.
The city managers couldn't make their budget and eliminated financing for the local museum, the symphony and the senior center.
The ironic clash of high price and cheap subject matter couldn't be louder.
She aspired to something more artistic, but found she couldn't draw.
Couldn't agree more with the last para of this article.
But this time the department couldn't afford to offer the candidates its usual star treatment.
None of my co-authors are attending the meeting so they couldn't present the work.
Couldn't sign things for players or scouts or anybody.
Papers of the length you describe couldn't possibly meet that time limit.
People couldn't decide what type of position they wanted so in order to please everyone they made it a vague and odd listing.
However, they were obviously really into each other and couldn't stand to live apart, and were also trying to have kids.
Remember my student, who couldn't even write a paper by herself.
As it turns out, this couldn't be further from the truth.
Without going into detail, they couldn't be further off-base.
It is indeed a biodegradable polymer, but it couldn't be made from styrene if styrene weren't biodegradable.
They noticed that the ground jolted around in a way that couldn't be explained with traditional models.
Anecdotally, my friend's retired racing greyhound could always find his favorite ball fairly quickly even when he couldn't see it.
Although the genetically altered mice couldn't taste the sweetness, they learned to prefer the sweeter water.
In this case, the rope was embedded so you couldn't really hook it.
Who's to say he couldn't answer the same questions as any other student.
If snakes can see with their tongues accurately why couldn't humans.
His exact words were that his best engineers couldn't come up with that.
We couldn't ask for a more precious and natural expression.
The fish scattered as people splashed into the river, but the animals couldn't go far, held in pools by long blue nets.
The storms simply couldn't continue on without warm surface water to sustain them.
From her behavior alone, uniformly doting, you couldn't know which was which.
Without bifocal vision, he lacked depth perception and couldn't tell how far ahead of him horses were.
As soon as he took his clothes off, all the other athletes dropped out because they all knew they couldn't beat this guy.
When the king couldn't bring rain or victory, though, people may have stopped listening to him.
Though they couldn't be clumsier on land, sloths are surprisingly good swimmers.
It was okay for some things, but she still couldn't play soccer or basketball.
However, existing observations couldn't offer clear proof for this theory-until now.
Some people couldn't be bothered as they had places to go.
Conditions for filmmaking couldn't have been harsher.
And with more families in need this year, it couldn't come soon enough.
Lenders sold loans to families who couldn't afford them.
And as she proved in the following weeks, she really couldn't do anything else.
There have been bad days, bad weeks even, times when his ankle was so sore he couldn't make much progress.
It's funny that it turned out so dark, because it couldn't have been a more light, enjoyable process.
With the data fusillade focused on a single port, the engineers could study it, even if they couldn't stop it.
Without nitrogen to fertilize crops, the world couldn't feed itself.
However, it apparently couldn't connect to the server.
In short, current haptics do nothing that a click or beep couldn't do.
She simply couldn't believe they were about to be reunited.
There are people who say you couldn't possibly get to an interesting musical experience without paying your dues.
The kennel housed many old dogs, some that wouldn't hunt and others that couldn't be taught new tricks.
The foxes devoured eggs and goslings, which couldn't fly to escape.
It sparkled and did not move, so it couldn't be a comet.
But standing tall in the late-summer sun, the wheat looked so beautiful he couldn't bear to plow it under.
Couldn't this be another example of that from a different time period.
There is speculation that he was one of those people whose body couldn't break down alcohol.
He couldn't really remember life before the children.
But when they asked her about her decision to run she looked scared and panicky and couldn't talk about it.
He couldn't explain it, actually-but that didn't stop him from justifying it.
They couldn't help but continue, couldn't leave each other alone.
His doctors have given him a diagnosis of stress-related heart disease, but his producers couldn't care less.
She said that they couldn't come, because she was painting her apartment.
It was as if she couldn't slow down without falling.
The student's injuries may not have been survivable, but the police couldn't have known that.
She said she was hungry, but couldn't get anything down.
Mamie was originally going to participate in the reading, but couldn't commit because of a film shoot.
Then he admitted that the agency couldn't afford to do that.
Perhaps you're curious whether what we're undertaking couldn't technically be called a vacation.
He is three, of mixed race, and his parents couldn't keep him.
But he couldn't find anything wrong with his research.
He said he couldn't join the narrator for dinner and then the phone went dead.
Seventy-five years later, in the wake of another economic crisis, things couldn't be more different.
What a dragonfly was doing out here in the desert, he couldn't say.
They couldn't go into politics since there were no elections and thus no way to change the system.
But they would be unhappy if they couldn't pick up a print copy.
But without a crystal ball, it couldn't have seen what was coming.
Luckily for him, he couldn't leave-and now intends to stay.
He couldn't simply drop everything for a run at show business, especially not when he had college in his sights.
Three weeks ago, you couldn't live in a permanent wifi cloud.
And he himself laughed so much that there were moments when he couldn't read any further.
He started listening to piano music all the time, couldn't get enough of it.
In many of the categories, they did reasonably well but they couldn't match the best groups.
But the program couldn't get a break from the weather.
They couldn't have been conscious that, whatever they were doing, there was a tasty result ahead.
Then the sub went down again, and the divers couldn't see a thing.
Asked what she thought she might be doing anytime beyond the next day, she couldn't tell them anything at all.
The following week her mouth broke out in sores so raw she couldn't eat, couldn't talk--couldn't even smile-- without pain.
It couldn't have sprung wholly formed into the primordial landscape.
It's an impressive résumé for someone who was demoted a grade in elementary school because he couldn't master arithmetic.
He simply couldn't bear the thought of leaving the mystery unresolved.
He couldn't do simple arithmetic either, so he couldn't use a mathematical algorithm.
They couldn't express their designs in calculations or formulas, but they got it right anyway.
It wasn't tested, so you couldn't know if it would resist weather or water.
He could see his father shivering in his underwear, but he couldn't fetch him a robe.
And each time, people have said the film couldn't make a profit.
She knew that her obsession was consuming her and even driving people away, but she couldn't seem to stop.
Although the silicon itself couldn't stretch, the entire circuit could.
They couldn't respond fast enough for the shift in consumer demand.
Plus that little amount of material couldn't possibly absorb that much heat.
Things got so bad he had to siphon electricity from a neighbor's home because he couldn't pay the bills.
He couldn't even afford bus fare to get his three kids to school.
And it seemed that law enforcement couldn't touch him.
He couldn't speak, because his mouth was being repaired.
He couldn't do construction work again, not with a herniated disc in his lower back.
It couldn't-maybe today it'd be this way and this afternoon it'd be something different.
It exploded and they couldn't keep up with the sales.
The attendance of these two white-haired history makers couldn't have been more poetically appropriate.

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