couch potato in a sentence

Example sentences for couch potato

They remind me of the couch potato who watches the news and bellows out to the president how he should run the country.
But even the laziest couch potato may soon notice some changes to his television set.
It grunts, it drools, and it's about as sluggish as a couch potato.
But asking the government to fix them is the couch potato's solution.
For the couch potato, the range of choice is growing, not shrinking.
It is also unfair to cast the kingdom as a couch potato.
Eating fatty foods, not exercising and somehow remaining lean and healthy--it's the couch potato's dream.
Even as they swing in constant, languid motion, orangutans burn fewer calories than a human couch potato.
He's orating from a position familiar to populists everywhere: couch potato.
If you want to be a couch potato, you might as well be a well-dressed one.
To a mosquito, exercise makes you far more appealing than a couch potato.
Being frail or elderly is not an excuse to be a couch potato.
He is looking for a companion couch potato to share his life.
Don't let the dreary weather make you into a couch potato.
When they see you being active and having fun, they'll choose an active lifestyle over the boredom of a couch potato.
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