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In metabolic terms, publishing in the humanities is more couch potato than sprinter.
It grunts, it drools, and it's about as sluggish as a couch potato.
Eating fatty foods, not exercising and somehow remaining lean and healthy--it's the couch potato's dream.
It's either the ultimate in couch comfort or a totally bizarre idea dreamed up by a pair of designers obsessed with neuroscience.
Some people view today's college students as worthless bums who are too lazy to get off the couch to get another beer.
Tennis, golf, ice hockey and sundry other sports will keep couch potatoes occupied during any lulls in the sporting calendar.
His hobbies now include sleeping on the couch and chasing squirrels.
You've probably promised yourself to get off the couch and get some exercise.
If your taste buds are set for a tender, juicy steak, it's the beef couch potato muscles that will deliver what you seek.
Some new games on the market aim to get kids off the couch.
Dont eat in the living room and there wont be crumbs in the couch to support them no dont worry about the bugs.
Since couch potatoes will not go to the polls, goes the thinking, the polls will come to the telly.
We sent a couch potato, and he didn't suffer in silence.
You're done with being a couch potato for the evening and want to go to bed.
Some thought that this was because couch potatoes were less likely to make babies.
Many researchers say they have to couch the language of their studies to avoid controversy and secure funding.
Relaxing on a couch left thoughtfully for tired travelers.
Some headphones are built for kicking back on the couch and melting into the music.
But dismissing it as a problem of couch potatoes is not especially helpful to the millions who have it.
Don't you go calling working scientists a bunch of couch potatoes.
Its shape and weight meant it slipped as easily from the hand as it did from the arm of the couch.
It shows in your voice if you are lounging on the couch in your underwear.
But the only thing he had to show for it was a blue velour couch.
We head to the couch and pull out our laptops and work until our eyes blur the lines on the screen.
But officials weren't amused when two students there created a motorized couch to travel the campus.
She constantly attacks my wifes shoes, and nips at her when she is resting on the couch.
But even the laziest couch potato may soon notice some changes to his television set.
When you think of wallpaper, you might think of granny, lace doilies and a couch permanently covered with plastic wrap.
Yes, allergies can make you cry and make you not want to get off the couch.
They remind me of the couch potato who watches the news and bellows out to the president how he should run the country.
It currently sits next to me on the arm of the couch.
He turns away from the scrapbook and leans back into the overstuffed couch.
Some people have green eyes and some some grey ones, some run fast and some keep the couch warm.
At one end of the room is a large cabinet television and a plush couch.
Cathy has been sleeping on the couch in the living room for the past two years.
Quickly it moves to the adjacent couch, which bursts into flames.
He emerges from beneath the couch and approaches the slightly open kitchen door.
Sometimes they spread a sheet over the couch and ate a big bowl of popcorn.
For the rest of the day, he never moved from the couch.
Ritz agreed to fly him out on his own dime and to have him sleep on her couch.

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